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Who am I? Here's the quick version– I'm a writer and speaker who loves to travel the world and help those who are actively trying to make it a better place. I believe in challenging the status quo, building connections, and telling good stories.

Early in life, I discovered how much I loved to travel. After adding a good amount of stamps to my passport, I realized that the world was beautiful but also had a lot of problems that needed to be solved. I signed up to advocate for North Korean refugees, then as a volunteer in a South African orphanage.

I realized I wanted a life that allowed me to use my creative storytelling skills to help others, while traveling often. I didn't know how making a livable income would fit into that picture, but amazingly it did!

I now advocate for the rural poor with Plant With Purpose and I now try to give back to the world by sharing everything I've learned about storytelling with nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, and creative activists. Because if we can tell better stories, we can build a better world.



In short, I help people become better storytellers so they can change the world! But maybe I should elaborate a little bit more...

I help nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, and creative activists move their audiences into action.

How? That's where storytelling comes in.

Stories invite us into each other's worlds, build empathy, and call us to take meaningful action.

Imagine being the best possible storyteller you could be. How would you use that power for good? What impact would that have on your mission?

You're doing important work in the world. Let's make sure it reaches its full potential.




I want to learn more about how storytelling can move people.


I want to figure out how to tell my team's story in a compelling way

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Doing Good in an Age of Anger 1.jpg

We live in contentious times. If you turn on the news for a few minutes, take a quick look at your Facebook news feed, or ask somebody for a quick political opinion, you'll notice that people are angry and divided.

It's difficult to do good in this sort of climate. Our best efforts to help other people are often politicized and turned into arguments. We believe in standing up for what's right and just, but we also don't want to add to the division. How can we find a path through these tricky times?

I've wondered that same thing. I've put together the best principles I've learned together in a totally free roadmap so you can navigate these times with grace.