Creative Director at Plant With Purpose
Founder of Natives + Nomads
Author of If Not For Second Chances
A food and travel enthusiast




Once Martin Luther King said that the most urgent and persistent question in life is– what are you doing for others? I agree with that a hundred percent.

Whenever I've seen people get deeply invested in a cause, a mission, or something bigger than themselves, I see them come fully alive. It's what led me to seek work in the world of nonprofits.

One of the big challenges is going beyond ourselves. And that's where my love of travel and storytelling come in. Exploring forces out of our routines and patterns and sharpens our awareness. Stories build empathy and connect us with each other.

I want to make the world a more connected and compassionate place through stories that cross physical and spiritual borders.


values & beliefs

1. Find God in all things.

2. Go where the love is.

3. Things that are beautiful are hardly ever convenient.

4. Give and receive second chances.

5. Be present.

6. People are people and people matter, no matter where they are or what they've done.

7. Be thankful. Say thank you.







Need a speaker to inspire your audience and spark imagination? That's what I like doing!

I speak about Plant With Purpose and other organizations, about strategic optimism, about joy, justice, and how to help people through stories. I'm a storyteller, and I've spoken at churches and universities, schools, retirement centers, companies, coffee shops, and everything in between!

Every talk I deliver is designed to fit the event and the audience. I see each event as an opportunity to offer purpose, connection, and experience.



Doing Good in an Age of Anger 1.jpg

We live in contentious times. If you turn on the news for a few minutes, take a quick look at your Facebook news feed, or ask somebody for a quick political opinion, you'll notice that people are angry and divided.

It's difficult to do good in this sort of climate. Our best efforts to help other people are often politicized and turned into arguments. We believe in standing up for what's right and just, but we also don't want to add to the division. How can we find a path through these tricky times?

I've wondered that same thing. I've put together the best principles I've learned together in a totally free roadmap so you can navigate these times with grace.