On Taking Time to Build


If you aren’t careful, so many pieces of your life have the tendency to drift. Neglect a hobby for a little bit and all that new gear you bought will start collecting dust. Quit putting in the work, and you can easily get out of shape. Fall out of touch with a friend and a couple months quickly turns into years.

Some of these drifts are more consequential than others, and not all of them are bad. You only have so much time and attention that a little self-selection of the things that fade slowly isn’t always bad. That said, I do think it’s important to have enough key pieces in your life that will last you from one season to the next. Lifelong relationships. Places that feel like home, physically or spiritually. Visions for our life that give meaning and focus.

My past few years have resulted in a little more drifting than building, and I’m looking forward to turning that around this year. Having a home base, a good team, and a little more experience definitely help. Anybody else finding their self at a switching of seasons?

Philippe Lazaroon1