On boldness and vulnerability

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It takes boldness to knock down old systems and vulnerability to build something better.

I’ve been reading an older memoir of Desmond Tutu’s and it reminds me so much of the present. Listening to and lamenting the testimonies of those who suffered were key to turning the page.

Maybe that’s why the leaders of the movements with the most momentum are survivors. Of profiling. Of shootings. Of sexual assault.

For those who’ve been to hell-and-back there’s a stronger sense of what actually matters, and it has nothing to do with how much you have saved, whatever title you hold, etc. It’s all about what you’ve done for others.

Knowing what matters gives you the perspective to say the hard, right, necessary things while brushing off the drama that sometimes goes with it. It takes away the desire to dismiss other people’s experiences when they give you a chance to connect and serve. It meets the world with strength and softness.

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