On Focusing on Here and Now


New year, let's go build stuff!

Anyone else tend to cling hard to a lot of loved things from the past aren't the same anymore? You know the usual ones– Friendships that have scattered over time. Former hometowns. Adventures of previous years.

Last year, I realized how much I loved those things and wanted to relive or recreate 'em. But in order to keep pursuing my purpose, I saw I needed to focus on here and now.

That means being patient with the process as our new community is built one relationship at a time. That means committing to fewer "random projects" so I can take on each day with more heart. That means putting in the hard work it takes to build meaningful things- at home, at work, and in community.

So whaddup 2018? It's a time to build and a time to double down on what's in front of us. Let's get started.

Philippe Lazaroon1