On Staying in Touch

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I recently read somebody share about trying to get in touch with a childhood friend after seeing an old photo. As it turns out, that friend wasn’t doing so well and only had so long left to live.

I think I read that at the right time for it to call my attention.

It gets so easy to take some relationships for granted. Lots of relationships, actually. Especially the “low maintenance” ones where you take for granted your ability to reconnect “after forever, without missing a beat.”

I can totally think of a few I’ve given that treatmeant to. And I don’t want it to take a tragedy of my own to make me want to change that. One of the most common end of life regrets is losing touch with people along the way.

Just thought I’d share my own reminder-to-self to pick the phone up a bit more often.

Philippe Lazaroon, on1