On Undivided Attention


Doing things with undivided attention doesn’t come natural to me. I like to think steps ahead. I like to get a lot done, often trying to squeeze in even more by making things overlap.

It’s a skill I hope to keep working on, that’ll I’ll probably always be working on to be honest.

The past few years have been good to me. But as I get older and a little more settled into a life I spent most of this decade building and working towards, I’m realizing that it’s actually easy to be so future oriented that you forget to enjoy things right in front of you that you used to dream about.

As we get deeper into the year, I hope to see it less as a race against calendars and clocks in order to check boxes, but more like a package of moments, each with its own scents and sounds and intricacies to get to know.

Philippe Lazaroon1