I'm a communicator and adventurer on a mission to help people get more adventure out of everyday life.



I'm Philippe– thanks for paying my site a visit!

I'm a professional communicator and an adventurer at heart.

Lots of people associate the word adventure with jumping out of planes or collecting passport stamps... and I'm all about those types of adventures! But as much as I love to travel and explore, I realize adventure is much more than that. A few years ago, my main focus was to visit as many new places as possible, checking off bucket list items week after week. 

Things look a little different now. I married my best friend and started working full time, but I refuse to use the phrase "settled down." If anything, my life is even more of an adventure as I focus more on my relationships, develop a sense of wonder, and look for new ways to challenge myself.

I think two of the biggest things I have to offer are my ideas about adventure and my ability to communicate and spread ideas.

This site is a portal to my work as a storyteller and communicator and to the different ways I help people connect to adventure in their own life. This includes my weekly newsletter, articles I've written, and my book.






So... how can I help you?

I could use more adventure in my life!

I have a message to get out there!

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