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hi, i’m Philippe!

Martin Luther King once said that this was life’s most urgent question, and I can see why. When I started asking myself this question, it led me on an around-the-world journey from advocating for North Korean refugees to living with in a care center for vulnerable children in South Africa to serving as the Creative Director for Plant With Purpose- an international nonprofit that helps rural villages overcome poverty through environmental sustainability.

Along the way, I’ve developed a passion for making others care about the things that matter. If you want to move people into action, you need to master the art of storytelling. You need to have strategy and heart. You need to be sincere and urgent and creative.

I’m here to help you do exactly that.

some of my work



If Not For Second Chances is a spiritual memoir featuring a road trip through grace and forgiveness. This book is a look into what makes a relationship genuine, what can remedy the world’s brokenness, and how to live a life of fullness. Lazaro invites you into the passenger seat of a road trip full of asking the hard questions, and boldly engaging deeply held beliefs and assumptions.


Healing the environment is one of the most effective ways to help break the cycle of poverty. Plant With Purpose is an international nonprofit fighting poverty and deforestation in eight countries across the globe. I serve as the team’s Creative Director, which means I got to travel around the world to tell the stories of some amazing communities we work with.

grassroots podcast

Grassroots is a podcast where spirituality meets sustainability. Climate change, deforestation, and soil erosion threaten the world’s most vulnerable communities- but they’re neither helpless nor hopeless. We talk to a variety of leaders, farmers, teachers, and community members around the globe to rediscover hope amidst an environmental crisis.



Life has taken me to over 40 countries. It’s hard to pick favorites, but I have soft spots for South Africa, Argentina, and Italy.

For both better and worse, I fit the description of an Enneagram 7 to a tee.

I’m a total podcast junkie. I listen to over 40 shows a week, most of them played at 3x speed.

I never, ever get tired of pho.

One of my favorite life experiences was living in a van for four months to help North Korean refugees.


the latest posts:


At the moment, here are causes & campaigns that have my eye.


Why we need more stories like Jose Antonio Vargas’ Dear America.

some design work:

My visual and design work includes: photography, brand identity systems, creative direction, naming, social media, packaging, signage, collateral, logo, illustration, editorial, type and hand lettering




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