Twelve months ago, I was in New York with only the vaguest sense of where I’d wind up or what I'd be doing over the next year. 2017 looked like making plans based on little certainty, where faith and big dreams meet patience, putting in the work, and keeping joyful.

I spent a lot of the early months in contemplation, and those practices were so good for me.

Two months later I joined the Plant With Purpose team and made the move from Oregon to San Diego. So many things I hoped for were suddenly coming together all at once.

Quiet started to turn into hustle. It became too easy to focus on things that were yet to be accomplished.

My trip to Asia reminded me that taking things one day at a time was not only important, but it made everything more beautiful. More enjoyable.

Some things can change in an instant. For better. For worse. 2017 made that clear in both directions. But that only makes it more important to be patient with the things that take a lot more time and effort, to treat every day like its own journey, and not just a link in a long chain.

That was my year, at least, and I think I’m better for it.

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