Back From Atlanta

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And now, we trek back into reality!

My time in Atlanta was such a good and necessary one. From landing to takeoff, there wasn’t a single hour that could’ve been better spent. 🍑 Between ATL Ideas and a handful of meet ups, I got my soul bucket filled with enthusiasm, community, and inspiration.

It was a reminder to do the little things well but not to lose sight of the big picture– the all caps reason WHY I do the things I do.

For me, whether that’s my work with Plant With Purpose, my podcast, nonprofit branding, writing, or even the way I spend time with people and my family, I think it’s all about hope. 🌿 It’s about going into dark places with a sincere belief that efforts to bring light are not done in vain.

And I’ll be honest- after this weekend, this country does feel like a dark place. But of course, that’s just a horrific manifestation of the racism, fear, and tribalism that goes on every day.

A core belief I share with the Plywood People community- the one that keeps me coming to the opposite coast- is that Better Is Possible. The future can be so much better, but the time we start preparing for that future is right now.

Philippe Lazaro