Be Kind to Everyone Along the Way

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It always comes back.

A little while ago, I got to work indirectly with somebody who led a big organization built on the ideas of learning, justice, and serving others. His brand was a really successful one, and it seemed like they were making a really big impact globally and locally.

Except for one thing- he was a pretty big jerk to the people who worked for him. Without notice, he would suddenly comandeer their projects and take over. People were afraid of him. Our collaboration got called off.

Unless things change, I am quite sure his success can only last for so long before things catch up.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen something like this. Thankfully, I’ve also seen the opposite, where people rave about others who are the real deal.

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I’m a big believer that the way we’ll ultimately be remembered won’t be by our titles, big accomplishments, and proudest productions. I think the way we show up for each other during the ordinary moments in between will end up saying the most.

The way you do the small things matter. They end up being not-so-small in the end.

Philippe Lazaro