Bo, Let's Give a Damn, & the High Water Festival


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Six weeks ago it felt like nothing was working out. We two weeks to be out of our apartment and no real options. Our earlier attempts to buy a place didn’t work out and instead we were just trying to find a place to be. Also, Deanna had a broken leg at this point so moving wasn’t looking fun.

Then we found this spot. And we liked it. And over the couple weeks everything started to click.

We moved in last week. These pictures hide all the piles of cardboard I tucked around the corner for the mini photoshoot, but here’s a little look inside.

It’s small, but it’s a space and it’ll always remind me that even when things seem at a low, you never know what surprises are around the corner.

Also, we need some plants!


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This past winter was kind of a struggle, but when it came to an end, things got so bright.

I love the way music attaches itself to moments and seasons in a way that almost makes them possible to revisit.

I made a playlist of the songs that’ll remind me of the people you can enjoy a night in with when everything else feels difficult, the dreams that refuse to die, and the unbridled joy of watching my dog in the snow.

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Tahoe Beach [3].JPG
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The past several weeks, I’ve been gaining more and more appreciation for simply doing the next right thing.

It’s easy for me to want to take on everything at once, or at least to say yes to anything that seemed like it had the potential to lead me to where I wanted things to go. But I was recently encouraged to think more strategically and focus on a key action that could set everything else into motion.

It’s like figuring out the right domino to flick in order to set off the raddest domino train. Maybe that means figuring out one stable source of funding to get the freedom to get more creative. Maybe it means connecting with three local networks for better collaboration opportunities. Maybe it means building an audience so your work can reach the people it’s supposed to.

So far, my year has really focused in on knocking over one of those big dominoes and as it starts to teeter and fall (dominoes don’t actually teeter unless you’re really weak) I’m getting excited by all the places where it continues to lead.

After all, who couldn’t benefit from another reminder that it’s fine not to have everything figured out but to instead take the next right step.


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I got to spend a beautiful Monday in a park in LA on an interview with Nick Laparra. If you haven’t checked out his Let’s Give a Damn podcast, he regularly features fascinating guests, and now that includes me and Christi!

We talk about our personal origin stories and how they led us to Plant With Purpose, how faith serves as a motivating factor towards sustainability, and how we envision making the world a little bit smaller.

Check out to give our episode a listen. And consider adding his show to your podcast feed. It’s a great one.


Oh, Bo. The streets of Heaven just got a lot more hair on them, but all the saints and angels know it’s worth it. I hope some of my ancestors figured out how to charge you up to sprint back and forth by scratching that one spot on your butt.

Bo, you were a good boy among good boys and I’m sad to see you go. I loved having you in lieu of a flower girl at our wedding and being your college roommate. Thanks for being such a good caretaker of my buddy Matt

I hope you loved your time on this earth. You spent your life as a helper, which is the very best way for any living creature to live. We’ll be there for Matt to make you proud.


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Just a wholesome and sincere Appa appreciation post from me this morning, folks. Okay see you.


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The High Water Festival [3].JPG
Weekend Festival [2].JPG
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The Head and the Heart [2].JPG
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The Head and the Heart [3].JPG
The Head and the Heart [1].JPG

These days, modern soul music feels like my current home base while the indie rock vibes that carried me through high school and college will always be the soundtrack to my story.

That means that the lineup for this year’s High Water Fest felt like it was chosen for me and that weekend passes were a perfect early birthday gift.

The show was a great mix of old favorites (The Head and the HeartDr. Dog) current playlist mainstays (The War And TreatyLeon Bridges) and pleasant discoveries I want to listen to a lot more. (PhosphorescentDurand Jones and the Indications)

Plus having NOLA’s Preservation Hall Jazz Band join for Rivers & Roads at the very end of the festival was the perfect way to close out the weekend.

Philippe Lazaro