Intro To Me

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New friends keep showing up! 🌿

So hey! Maybe we met at ATL Ideas or you found me by way of the Grassroots Podcast - whichever way, I’m glad you’re here. Good time for a proper intro, yeah?

Here’s the technical work deets: I’m Philippe, and I’m the Creative Director for Plant With Purpose. 🌿 We’re an international nonprofit that aims to restore hope to villages where life is really difficult. We do that by planting trees and empowering locals to tackle the two big issues at the root of so many problems– climate change and extreme poverty.

I happen to think that my role on the team is the fun one, I get to tell stories from these communities to move other people into action. We have a proven model, we just need to scale up, so I use every creative tool at my disposal to try and bring more people on board. 🎞💻📸 Day-to-day that can look like writing emails, running social media, whipping up graphics on Photoshop and Illustrator, or writing scripts and planning videos.

These days, my big project is our podcast- Grassroots! 🗺 I think it’s one of the best ways to get to know the issue better and I’m honestly pretty proud of the episodes we have out on Haiti, the Gabra tribe, and vulnerability.

That’s the WHAT of what I do, but my WHY is hope. In both my own life and at a global level, I believe in hope, even in the face of daunting things like anxiety, climate change, or political unrest.

I love to travel, and I used to visit dozens of places every year. Over that time, I discovered that there was a lot of hope to be found in the hardest places, but cultivating that hope takes commitment, a long term investment, and equipping locals.

I’m super curious to see how these values, endeavors, and interests will evolve as I become a dad this fall!

Philippe Lazaro