002 The Parents.JPG

#1 The Parents

01 January 2019 // San Diego, California

Can you believe we’re now less than a year away from the roaring twenties? And just about a year left in my own twenties.

This past decade has been such a wild one for me. It’s taken me to some unexpected places, towards incredible people, and to do things that legitimately seemed impossible.

Right now, at a moment that feels both like a beginning and an ending, I’m letting go of more expectations. But I’m holding on to the truth that even when things seem stuck, empty, or fixed, you never really know what good lies right around the next corner.

#2 Office Fiddle Leaf.JPG

#2 Office Fiddle Leaf

02 January 2019 // San Diego, California

Back to work! But coming back to a three-day work week makes it pretty easy, as does coming back to a job I enjoy.

Still, next week will be my first five-day work week in a while and that’ll be the real test.

#3 The Living Bread

03 January 2019 // San Diego, California

I’ve started the past few years by reading some Thomas Merton really early in the year and I’d say I’m better off for it. This book is more centered on the sacrament of communion and Merton comes from a different perspective than what I’m used to. I love it, though, and I’ve learned to appreciate quite a bit.

#4 Good Gifts

04 January 2019 // San Diego, California

Just showing off one of my favorite presents from this Christmas– my mother in law is a master knitter. And this is now my best sweater that I never really want to take off these days. She caught wind that I’m a fan of the knit pullovers in Iceland, and perfectly captured that style. Now to book a return flight to Reykjavik.

And a bonus gift- Scott Harrison’s book showed up in the mail a couple weeks ago as a rad gift from Plywood People and I’ve been enjoying it thus far. Such an awesome and completely unexpected surprise!

006 Hunting for Home.JPG

#5 The Hunt for Home

05 January 2019 // San Diego, California

We are on the hunt for a house! Note- the one we’re taking a tour of here is a bit out of our price range. If it wasn’t though, it’s a great one, and a few relatively easy fixes could easily add $100-$150K to the value.

It’s been a bit of an adventure, first feeling like a sweet house with our dream yard is right within reach, and then feeling like we’ll be forever renting the next minute. But right now the prospects for something right in between seem reasonable, and that makes for an early piece of excitement for 2019.

#6 Running Uphill.JPG

#6 Running Uphill

06 January 2019 // San Diego, California

Tecolote Park is a pretty underrated spot to get outside. The trails aren’t bad for running either.

#7 Lovely Point Loma.JPG

#7 Lovely Point Loma

07 January 2019 // San Diego, California

Started this morning by meeting for coffee with a bunch of guys I go to church with. And that was just the beginning of what turned out to be a really, really good day.

#8 Cortez.JPG

#8 Cortez

08 January 2019 // San Diego, California

Took the quick trip downtown to visit some patch manufacturers. Too quick to even stop at The Donut Bar.

#9 University Heights Walk.JPG

#9 University Heights Walk

09 January 2019 // San Diego, California

Did some work at Lestat’s and got some errands done at the bank. Then took a quick little walk to explore the neighborhood.

#10 Most Ethical

10 January 2019 // San Diego, California

We’re still so pumped Deanna passed her Law & Ethics exam. Even the dog was pretty ethical tonight.

#11 Liberty Tree

11 January 2019 // San Diego, California

Got to grab a coffee with Tyson Motsenbocker at Liberty Station to close out my work week.

#12 Barrio Art Crawl.JPG

#12 Barrio Art Crawl

12 January 2019 // San Diego, California

Went on a date night around Barrio Logan’s art crawl and discovered a great new coffee shop. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite neighborhoods.

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