#1 Matt Lowe

01 January 2013 // Fremont, California

Got to reunite with Daniel Santos for the first time in months, then got to reunite with Matt in Fremont en route to Sacramento.

#2 Jelly Belly Factory

02 January 2013 // Fairfield, California

Spent the morning taking a tour of the Jelly Belly factory and sampling the beans. Also, their fudge.

#3 Exploring Sacramento

03 January 2013 // Sacramento, California

Spent the evening exploring Old Town Sacramento with Chris and Deanna, then went into Downtown Sac for dinner with CaytlinApril, and Shannon.

#4 Downtown Sac

04 January 2013 // Sacramento, California

Before leaving on our drive back down to Santa Barbara, Deanna and I went into Downtown Sacramento for coffee at Broadstreet. Reminded me a lot of Portland.

#5 The Dargan's Text Messaging Festival

05 January 2013 // Santa Barbara, California

My first full day back in Santa Barbara was reunion filled. This is what going to a bar will be like in 2013.

#6 Rain on State Street

06 January 2013 // Santa Barbara, California

After going to church at Hope for the first time in months, Deanna and I got lunch at Mac's with Mandyand Arumi before I had to take her to the Amtrak station.

#7 Return to Isla Vista

07 January 2013 // Isla Vista, California

Spent the day catching up with a TON of people. Best way to visit. Also spent the morning out by these cliffs. Miss doing that every morning.

#8 It's Gabe!

08 January 2013 // Goleta, California

Spent the afternoon catching up with Gabe and loitering around KMart a couple times. 'Twas a good day loaded with catch up sessions.

#9 The Burger Bus

09 January 2013 // Goleta, California

Before leaving Santa Barbara for Bakersfield, I got to finally catch the Burger Bus and had lunch withDaniel.

#10 The Bakersfield Canals

10 January 2013 // Bakersfield, California

I got to wander through Bakersfield a bit whileDeanna was in class today. Discovered this little area.

#11 Cafe Crêpes

11 January 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Deanna showed me one of her favourite Bakersfield secrets, this tucked away crêpes restaurant. We got to have lunch with Meaghan Lingo!

#12 Sequoia Subaru Picnic

12 January 2013 // Sequoia National Forest, California

Dee and I spent part of our day together in Bakersfield by venturing far out into the Sequoia National Forest for a picnic. It was chilly out, so the picnic went down inside her Subaru.

#13 LiNK House Visit

13 January 2013 // Harbor City, California

On my drive from Bakersfield, I got to pay a visit to the LiNK house and see Menekşe, Christina, Chi,JihyunSusieSarah, and the new class of nomads/interns.

#14 South Africa Packed-8383101030.jpg

#14 South Africa Packed

14 January 2013 // San Diego, California

Spent the day running last minute errands and getting everything all packed up for South Africa. Rand, malaria pills, and a whole lotta reading.

#15 Pomegranate with Ivy

15 January 2013 // San Diego, California

On my last night in the U.S., I went with Ivy to a Russian-Georgian restaurant with a poetic menu, a spicy chocolate sauce, and flecks of pomegranate in everything.

#16 Boarding at JFK

16 January 2013 // Jamaica, New York

It's pretty dark and cold out in New York. Fortunately, I never had to leave the airport.

#17 Amsterdam Layover

17 January 2013 // Amsterdam, Netherlands

While I didn't have enough time on my layover to get out and actually see Amsterdam, the airport is odd and interesting enough to keep me occupied for a while.

#18 First Day at the Centre

18 January 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

My first full day at the centre was a slow and quiet one. Everybody expected me to be pretty much resting after two full days of traveling, so I took them up on the offer.

#19 Rainy at Rosebank-8410078011.jpg

#19 Rainy at Rosebank

19 January 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

I went to the mall to get some groceries and other supplies. So far, it's been all rain while I've been in Joburg.

#20 HCC Beat

20 January 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

I went to church at Hillbrow Christian Church, which conveniently shares its initials with Hope Community-Church Santa Barbara. One slight difference, though, is that some of the worship is in Zulu.

#21 Football at 5Cees

21 January 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Some of the kids invited me to play football with them at the centre. I hope they thought I was letting them win. I wasn't.

#22 Mitchell Street

22 January 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Atop the teenage boys' dormitory at the centre, you can get a pretty good view of Mitchell St. One of my favourite perches for people watching.

#23 Pap for Dinner

23 January 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Although I've had pap a few times now and am pretty used to it, the kids can't resist asking me if I've ever had it before and if I eat it every time.

#24 Afrikaans Study

24 January 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Bonani asked me for help with his Afrikaans homework. While I'm not really qualified due to my not-speaking-Afrikaans-at-all, we figured out how to write out sentences, use the words you know, dictionary the rest, and rearrange for grammar.

#25 Kids in the Hall

25 January 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

These kids are absolutely fascinated with whatever it is I do. They're also constantly playing in the hallway outside my door, so every trip to and from my room consists of interacting with my Zulu fan club.

#26 The Great African Steps

26 January 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Elias and I went on a walk around Hillbrow, and went all the way to Constitution Hill. I got to look at the Great African Steps on the back.

#27 Johannesburg

27 January 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Neo and I went on a walk to Killarney Mall, and on the way stopped by The Views, a nature reserve named after this panoramic it provides.

#28 The Kresh

28 January 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

I swung by the Kresh (preschool) yesterday to help Teacher Magret move some books to the library. The kids were a mix of happy and confused to see me there.

#29 Olwethu

29 January 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Olwethu is three-and-a-half. She's one of the newest girls at the centre. I got to take her portrait, and several of the other new kids' yesterday.

#30 Letters to South Africa

30 January 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

I got a lovely treat in the mail today... two letters! I didn't even know I could get mail here. Thanks Deanna and Elaine! EWu, I'll try to put that emergency Vietnamese money to good use. Vietnamese grape soda...

#31 Letters to South Africa 2.0

31 January 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

You guys! More letters keep coming in. I have the kindest friends. Thank you Sean Ferry and Carolina Maldonado, as well as Catherine Lieu, whose card I just received. These mean so much to me!


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