JUNE 2019

#152 Clawing for Domo.JPG

#152 Clawing for Domo

01 June 2019 // San Diego, California

Time to get baby some toys. Gotta love Tea & More.

#153 Point Loma Pause.JPG

#153 point loma pause

02 June 2019 // San Diego, California

The gap in conversation every five minutes.

#154 American Spy.JPG

#154 american spy

03 June 2019 // San Diego, California

I loved this book- in terms of story, it was a real classic spy story, making you wonder who you can trust and what’ll happen next.

Rooting it in real world intervenionism in West Africa and using well written characters to raise questions about politics, gender, and raise took it to a new level of creativity.

#155 The Phillies Bullpen.JPG

#155 the phillies bullpen

04 June 2019 // San Diego, California

Root rooting for the road team ever since I left Philly a whole lifetime ago.

A little weeknight baseball for the two of us, cause I always gotta catch at least one game of the Phillies series whenever  they’re in San Diego. We spent most of it right up by the Phils’ bullpen and I got to get these pics of an endangered species: Phillies relievers.

I don’t post a ton of my baseball takes here. I save that for Twitter. So I’ll keep it at all this: I’m proud of this team’s resilience and being able to bounce back with a neat little win streak after a terrible stretch of losing McCutchen and every reliever to injuries. Second best record in the NL and the three most important players- Harper, Hoskins, and Nola have yet to fully catch fire the way they can. Once they get rolling, things should be real fun.

#156 City Heights Pickup.JPG

#156 city heights pickup

05 June 2019 // San Diego, California

Another day, another bundle of books to drop at the library, and another to pick up.

#157 jason isbell & father john misty

06 June 2019 // San Diego, California

Spontaneous drop in at the Jason Isbell & Father John Misty show that got literally misty. The latter gave us some songs I don’t think he’s ever played in public before.

#158 Big Thank You.JPG

#158 big thank yous

07 June 2019 // San Diego, California

Anyone who works at a nonprofit: a large portion of your job is constantly saying thank you. Embrace it!

#159 Anniversay 7.JPG

#159 anniversary 7

08 June 2019 // Los Angeles, California

Seven years ago, I took her out on our first date and I haven’t had a first date since then! So many good things came out of an inkling that one of my best friendships still had room to grow into something bigger.

This year has been absolutely eventful, so it’s pretty fitting that our seventh dating anniversary didn’t involve much sitting still. Boxing, cleaning the house, packing, meeting the dog sitter, then hopping on a plane.

Finally got a little chance to breathe during our layover at LAX.

I love you, Deanna and every step of the adventure. Now let’s go take Wyoming by storm!

#160 Grand Tetons.JPG

#160 Grand Tetons

09 June 2019 // Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Arrived in Jackson Hole late last night and it didn’t take all that long to get the hang of this place.

There’s no bad direction to stare, it’s all beautiful. Though staring towards the Tetons is always a pretty good idea.

#161 Wyoming.JPG

#161 Wyoming

10 June 2019 // Jackson, Wyoming

Wyoming. It didn’t take that long to get the hang of things here. Basically, you don’t want to close your eyes!

I’m here to play with my nephews, to stare at some moose, and to let the week go by slowly.

It’s gonna be a good week!

#162 Snake River.JPG

#162 Snake River

11 June 2019 // Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Took a cruise down the Snake River in a little river raft.

So gorgeous. Saw a beaver. Saw an eagle. Loved life.

#163 In Yellowstone.JPG

#163 In Yellowstone

12 June 2019 // Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

This National Park had more to do than I expected. The Geyser paths are well protected- as they should be- but I wondered how much free space there would be to roam and explore more openly. Turns out there was plenty!

#164 The Book Trader.JPG

#164 The Book Trader

13 June 2019 // Jackson, Wyoming

We decided to go for a more laid back day around Jackson, and even that didn’t disappoint.

I loved this bookstore close to the center of town. Could’ve spent a whole day there.

#165 Jenny Lake.JPG

#165 Jenny Lake

14 June 2019 // Jackson, Wyoming

It’s been a beautiful week. It’s been my kind of week.

#166 Last Morning in Wyoming.JPG

#166 Last Day in Wyoming

15 June 2019 // Jackson, Wyoming

One last day in Wyoming. It’s been such a good time here.

#167 Chi & Greg Show.JPG

#167 Chi & Greg Show

16 June 2019 // Long Beach, California

Y’ALL. Guess who I got to see play live yesterday? That’s right. Chi & Greg people!

If you know them, they need no intro. If you don’t, do check their music out right away and know that they’re also wonderful humans.

Good music makes you feel thankful to be alive. So do old friends. So does seeing people put their hearts into what they do. Last night was full of all of the above.

#168 Beignet Wreaks Havoc.JPG

#168 Beignet Wreaks Havoc

17 June 2019 // San Diego, California

Came home from work to this scene. No clue how it happened. No one in the house other than the puppy. But seriously, how’d she flip a cabinet that weighs more than her?

#169 Rainbow Flowers.JPG

#169 Rainbow Flowers

18 June 2019 // San Diego, California

Took the scenic route home today.

#170 Weeknight Movie.JPG

#170 Weeknight Movie

19 June 2019 // National City, California

Okay wow. I went to see the film Emanuel tonight and- wow.

If you aren’t familiar, it’s the documentary about the shooting at Emanuel AME church in Charleston, produced by Viola Davis and Steph Curry. And it was really. Well. Done.

The film’s strength comes from its honesty. It goes deep exploring the history of racism and white supremacy in Charleston, along with the role the black church has played throughout history going back to Denmark Vassey. It also goes deep boldly talking about the faith of the church members and survivors. The film featured interviews from the survivors to Black Lives Matter leaders to former governor Nikki Haley.

The film made no efforts to please anybody, but instead sought to tell the truth. It was boldly faith-filled. It was boldly anti-racist. And it was absolutely worth watching.

I want to tell everybody to go out and see it- except the film only got a limited two day screening in theatres last week. I still think you should go see it, I’m just not sure how. Yet.

Hopefully it ends up on Netflix or Prime because Emanuel says important things that need to reach as wide of an audience as it can.

And whenever you do find yourself with the opportunity to see it- do it. Absolutely, do it.

#171 Small Orange Sprout.JPG

#171 Small Orange Sprout

20 June 2019 // San Diego, California

Afternoon walks with Beignet are an afternoon treat for me too.

#172 Orange Ave. Water Tower.JPG

#172 Orange Ave. Water Tower

21 June 2019 // San Diego, California

More discoveries from the scenic route home.

#173 Olé SD.JPG

#173 Olé SD

22 June 2019 // Del Mar, California

Went to a meetup for UCSB Alum living in San Diego and had a fun time meeting fellow Gauchos of years past. Had so much fun the only shot I got was of Beignet also having fun.

Can’t wait for even more outings with this crew.


#174 CHCH

23 June 2019 // San Diego, California

Looking ahead to a quiet summer.

#175 26 Marathons.JPG

#175 26 Marathons

24 June 2019 // San Diego, California

What is it about running that makes me so drawn to reading books about it? Probably disproportionately compared to how much I’m into running itself.

That said, I really liked Meb’s book and hearing his mental approach to each of his famous marathon quests.

#176 Grocery Imports.JPG

#176 Grocery Imports

25 June 2019 // San Diego, California

Things that are uniquely exciting to me: Grocery shopping at an Asian market midweek.

#177 Normal People.JPG

#177 Normal People

26 June 2019 // San Diego, California

You may have heard a lot of of hype around Sally Rooney’s book, and in my take, it’s well deserved. The characters were extremely sympathetic and I loved the little look into college life in Ireland.

#178 Fourth Anniversary.JPG

#178 Fourth Anniversary

27 June 2019 // Carlsbad, California

The past four years have given us more highs and lows than we would’ve predicted when it all began.

From health scares and grinding out grad school and hoping deeply for a kid, to living out our career dreams and adopting the weirdest but sweetest dog to stepping into the on deck circle of parenthood.

We said it would be an adventure, didn’t we. I think this is what a real adventure looks like.

Happy four year anniversary, Deanna. Let’s go eat s’mores.

#179 Toy Story at the Drive In.JPG

#179 Toy Story at the Drive In

28 June 2019 // Imperial Beach, California

Thoughts on Toy Story 4? Probably not my favorite in the series, but it’s a series with crazy high standards. They didn’t go for the emotional pull that TS3 had, instead leaning more into comedy. I’m glad they took risks with all their new characters.

This one was kind of a victory lap. The world of Toy Story is too good to have permanently shut it nine years ago. That said, it did have an Avengers’ feel to it where it felt like a real end of an era and certain plot lines were ready to wrap themselves up.

#180 Colored Skies.JPG

#180 Colored Skies

29 June 2019 // San Diego, California

Shoutout to the sky today. Thank you for being the way you are!

251 Baby Bump Bike Ride.JPG

#181 Baby Bump Bike Ride

30 June 2019 // San Diego, California

Happy to be getting to put my bike to better use this summer!

Philippe Lazaro