Don’t miss a chance to let people know how thrilled you are they exist.

Months after the fact, and years down the line, that’ll be one of the big things I’ll have remembered from Tanzania. Every single village we drove into greeted us with cheers and shouts, songs in Swahili, waving palms, signs, and homemade noisemakers. I’d never been welcomed, accepted, celebrated like that before. It was like a party around every corner.

They call it Karibu and while that word means welcome, it’s also a word I think of when I think of the type of person I’d like to be. An enthusiastic welcomer.

There are a lot of people in the world who feel unseen. Invisible. Unimportant. What difference would it make if we suddenly pulled out all the stops to make them feel like the bee-eff-dee that they really are? I’m betting it’s a big one, and we can probably have a whole lot of fun doing it.

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