Mariner's Cove, La Mesa, & 1000 Refugees


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And we’ve officially moved out of our first apartment that we lived in after moving to San Diego. To be honest, the past six months or so haven’t really been my fave and I think some change in scenery will be really, really good. But this was a great spot for us to live the past two years, and the fact that we found it so quickly was a sign that moving to town was the right call, even if it wasn’t an easy one.

Some stuff I’ll miss about this place:

• The parrots that lived in our trees. I loved watching their red heads and green bodies, even though most neighbors found them a nuisance.

• The truly diverse mix of neighbors we had. Military members, East African mothers, high schoolers on skateboards, surfers, OB hippies, retired couples, etc.

• My extremely easy commute to work and church driving along the coast.

• Being 10 min from Dog Beach. Not that we’ll be going any less. • How easy it was to pick out where we lived from an airplane window when flying out of town.


03 The New Digs.JPG

Here’s a little peek at our new digs and me lecturing Beignet on not getting too spoiled by the front yard.

We’re now in this little three part unit and I’m actually loving it. It feels like a little vacation site.



04 La Mesa.JPG

We are La Mesans now! At least for a moment. Here’s a quick digital drawing of a local coyote to celebrate.

Here’s our competition if we want to be the most famous La Mesans of all time:

🏈 Reggie Bush
⚾️ Aaron Boone
🏀 Bill Walton
🎤 Eddie Vedder
🗣 Dave from Megadeth/Metallica


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Easily one of the coolest things I’ve ever done was spend four months in 2012 living in a van and touring the Midwest to raise awareness and funds to help rescue North Korean refugees.

Eight years later it’s still a cause close to my heart. I’m so thrilled to hear that @libertyinnorthkorea has now officially helped rescue 1,000 refugees- and I’m thrilled that I got to play the smallest little part in that.


06 What Jesus Never Said.JPG
Border Beach [4].JPG
Border Beach [3].JPG
Border Beach [5].JPG

“What Jesus never said: ‘Feed the hungry only if they have papers. Clothe the naked only if they’re from our country. Welcome the stranger only if there’s zero risk. Help the poor only if it’s convenient. Love your neighbor only if they look like you.’”

–Fr. James Martin, SJ


Italian Bliss.jpg

Worthwhile things take time.

Sometimes everything seems to happen all at once and other times everything feels painfully slow.

Behind every historical breakthrough are years of things moving beneath the surface. The same could be said about any personal breakthrough.

If whatever you’re doing is taking longer than expected, feel free to make adjustments and try new things. But don’t forget that sometimes there’s no substitute for patience and continuing to show up, even when progress is slower.


One reality I find more and more important is how central of a role women play in big issues like poverty alleviation and environmental protection.

Thinking globally, much of the agricultural work and regular income generating activity being done in rural parts of Africa or Latin America is being done by women. Efforts like microfinance or sustainable agriculture are typically most effective when they have women’s concerns as a central part of their design.

My takeaway? There is no empowerment without women’s empowerment, and the women I’ve met around the world are village heroes.


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09 Beignet Turns 4.JPG

Happy birthday to our Beignet. How are you already approximately four??

From grinning literally ear to ear for the weirdest of reasons, to being the best four legged road tripper, I’m so glad we get to have you as our doggy/doughnut. Fur real.


Philippe Lazaro