National Dog Day 2019

131 The Beignet Bunch.JPG

So Beignet...

064 Backyard Babú.JPG

It’s #NationalDogDay and I get to post this picture of you hanging out with your mom and your woodland friends and tell the world all the things I love about you.


Like how your reaction to pretty much everything is to flash a ridiculously oversized smile.

Or how you never get into fights at the dog park- but you will hover six inches away from each one of them like a girl who’s gotta be on top of the latest gossip.

Or how the one time we let you sleep in our bed because the sound of falling trees kept scaring you, you knocked out right away. Cause, you know, we’re invincible to falling trees or something.

What I really like is seeing you be sweet with the nephews and knowing you’ll be an awesome big sis.


I still feel really lucky that you happened to be in the shelter at the right moment for us to find you. You’re a big goofy doughnut and you keep us from taking life too seriously. I’ve needed that at so many points the past three and a half years.

I could go on, but literacy isn’t your strong spot, so we can belly scratch instead.



Lemme just slip this PSA in here real quick- dog population facts can be pretty sad to read about, and I mostly overlooked them until it came time for us to adopt. If you’re in the position to do it, dog adoption is a response that’s rewarding in a thousand different ways.

Philippe Lazaro