Path by Plywood


About a month ago, I got to connect with the Plywood community and you guys- it is one really cool community. I met plenty of artists, entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, creatives, activists, and others who were in their zone, doing meaningful work they believed in.

So many of the people I met said Path was their first step to getting into action. And now I’m in the middle of the course myself.


It took me a long time to discover the reason so many of my ideas weren’t working out was because I was trying to build things on my own. Path brings community, support, accountability, and all that good stuff in the form of an online course.

If this sounds like it just might be a good step for you too, sign up via the link below. I’ve got a partnership going where if you sign up, Plant With Purpose gets to plant 50 trees. And lemme known if you have any questions! 

Philippe Lazaro