Seeing the Good

167 Elk.JPG

Today didn’t seem like anything all that special.

A pretty quiet day at the office before coming home to work out and make dinner. That’s about it.

Then I did a double take.

Actually, I got to start the day by interviewing one of my heroes for an upcoming podcast episode. Then I spent a few more hours working on that podcast. I actually get to go to work and spend my time creating something I really believe in.

I came back home to spend some quality puppy time and then go off to my boxing class where I didn’t do so bad! To wrap up the day- I ended up making homemade karage.

I’m capturing this because of all the pieces of my day that are wayyy too easy to take for granted. Getting to come home to my favorite dog. Accomplishing a lifelong dream in learning how to box. Interviewing people I’ve looked up to for years.

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If you went back six years and told a younger me that this is what life would look like at this point in time, I would’ve been so pumped.

I’m sure each one of us has stuff we take for granted. Things an earlier version of ourselves once craved now pass for “ordinary.” One of my goals in this life is to max out on gratitude.

Doing that means trying not to let these little nuggets of good pass by unnoticed.

Philippe Lazaro