#244 I Love Portland

01 September 2013 // Portland, Oregon

One of my favorite cities in the world. Maybe I’ll live here someday.

#245 Seattle Day Trip

02 September 2013 // Seattle, Washington

Took the trip up with Matt to Seattle for the day– roamed around Pike Place, circled the perimeter of Bumbershoot, and got in some good tea at the UW area.

#246 Jade and Justin on the Grilled Cheese Bus

03 September 2013 // Portland, Oregon

An old school bus converted into a grilled cheese restaurant. Another reason I love Portland.

#247 Multnomah Falls

04 September 2013 // Multnomah Falls, Oregon

One awesome, beautiful waterfall. Oh, and while Matt and I were here, we witnessed a proposal. That was pretty cool.

#248 2Eggz

05 September 2013 // Sacramento, California

Got breakfast with April and Matt while passing through Sacramento. Ordered one egg sunny side up and one poached. How very accommodating of Black Bear Diner to not only accept my complicated request, but I also got an extra poached egg.

#249 First Night Set Up

06 September 2013 // Bakersfield, California

First night spent in Bakersfield as a resident… also the first night in over a year that I’ve had my own place.

#250 New Friend Chamodh

07 September 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Grabbing some Dewar’s with my new friend Chamodh from Sri Lanka.

#251 Sunday Girl

08 September 2013 // Bakersfield, California

I love Sundays, and I love how after church is a perfect window of quality time to spend with Dee

#252 Dia De Los Errands

09 September 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Moving in means a lot of random things you need to buy that you don’t typically pick up on a weekly grocery run. At least now I’m finally living somewhere with a Target

#253 Catching Up With Meaghan

10 September 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Got to spend some time with Meaghan hanging out at Dagny’s and getting caught up on life these days.

#254 I’m A Fan

11 September 2013 // Bakersfield, California

An essential player when it comes to life in Bakersfield.

#255 Pieology with Sam and Dee

12 September 2013 // Northridge, California

Visited Sam and Matt while in L.A., and got some good pizza while we were at it.

#256 These RMs

13 September 2013 // Torrance, California

Took a pit stop at the LiNK office to drop off some doughnuts with the Fall 2013 Nomads… just before they launch for their Bridge to North Korea tour.

#257 View from the Crabcatcher

14 September 2013 // La Jolla, California

Got a really nice meal at this La Jolla restaurant, all thanks to Groupon.

#258 The Crab Hut

15 September 2013 // San Diego, California

Got a chance to catch up with the Orlinas in San Diego over some good shellfish.

#259 Stone + Cloth

16 September 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Finally! I’ve wanted a Stone + Cloth backpack for a really long time.

#260 Bellissima

17 September 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Ran some errands to get paperwork processed in order for me to begin work as a substitute teacher soon.

#261 Covenant Coffee Afternoon

18 September 2013 // Oildale, California

Spent time in one of my new favorite Bakersfield coffee stops- Covenant Coffee. Good coffee, and a solid mission, too.

#262 Peanut Park

19 September 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Deanna had a little time before class so we went to Peanut Park to continue our game of P-I-G with a pinecone and basketball hoop in disrepair.

#263 International Student Welcome

20 September 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Had a good evening with my new friends from all over the world at the International Student Welcome dinner. The international student hangouts continue!

#264 A Picnic in the Park

21 September 2013 // Sequoia National Forest, California

Had an awesome picnic in the park planned for a date with Deanna. Then a dust storm came through town, so we took it to Sequoia National Forest. How’s that for adaptable?

#265 Snaggletoothed Fluff

22 September 2013 // Bakersfield, California

One of my favorite parts of our small group– the cats that come in and out of the room are too hard to take seriously.

#266 Late in the Kitchen

23 September 2013 // Bakersfield, California

One of my favorite parts of having my own place again is having a workspace to cook up some meals. Been a while since I’ve been able to get experimental.

#267 The Rental Jetta

24 September 2013 // Bakersfield, California

While my car was undergoing some very minor repairs, I got to drive around in a Jetta, pretending I’m from Oregon.

#268 Los Angeles

25 September 2013 // Los Angeles, California

Spent a pretty spectacular day in L.A. with Deanna, getting Thai food and getting to explore the Griffith Observatory.

#269 Red in the Room

26 September 2013 // Bakersfield, California

In order to keep the room cool, I use a red blanket as a makeshift temperature curtain. The red glow, though, is a little counterproductive. Gives you an idea of how hot the room can get!

#270 Zack’s Improv Show

27 September 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Deanna and I got to spend an evening seeing our friend Zack perform some improv with his team downtown.

#271 State Street Visit

28 September 2013 // Santa Barbara, California

On a day trip to Santa Barbara with international students, Deanna and I spent some good time up and down State Street, exploring salt caves, and visiting old friends

#272 Back for the Lemon Festival

29 September 2013 // Goleta, California

Deanna and my visit coincided with an old favorite event– the Depressing Lemon Festival featuring surprisingly potent lemon beer.

#273 Subbing

30 September 2013 // Bakersfield, California

After weeks and weeks of paperwork and physicals, I finally began my job as a substitute teacher.

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