#244 Julian’s in L.A.

01 September 2014 // Harbor City, California

So glad I got to see Julian, in person for the first time since tour almost two years ago! Also glad that I got to run into him in L.A., where he’ll be doing some amazing things as an intern with LiNK. Good, albeit too short catch up session back at the intern house.

#245 A Year of Luke

02 September 2014 // Bakersfield, California

After getting lunch at Luigi’s with the Peelers, we got to celebrate a year of Lukington being alive at his place. It was a pretty great birthday party for his first one ever.

#246 Vampire Penguin

03 September 2014 // Sacramento, California

Caytlin introduced Deanna and I to this shaved snow place that basically served pabingsu all dressed up with different toppings. I went for a green tea shaved snow with jackfruit and condensed milk. All this was after a big bowl of awesome ramen.

#247 Oregon Welcomes Us

04 September 2014 // Ashland, Oregon

This is the big day. Deanna and I crossed the state line to move up to Oregon indefinitely. Even up until now, the feeling is still sinking in. Definitely one of the biggest changes we made this year, but not quite the biggest.

#248 Our First Visitors

05 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Within less than 24 hours of being up in Eugene, we got our first visitors– Cheri and Sal Lopez came through, and we got to introduce them, as well as ourselves, to the Hop Valley Brewing Company.

#249 Our First Gameday

06 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Getting assimilated to our new environment happened pretty easily thanks to Ducks Football. We joined the crowd at 6th Street Grill and watched Oregon defeat Michigan State for our first ever game day as residents of Eugene.

#250 Sleeping Bella

07 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Bella is my roommate’s cat. I’ve never been a particularly big cat guy, but I like Bella enough so that she might be my favorite cat. She’s social enough and pretty low maintenance as look as she has a spot to sleep or a window to stare out of.

#251 Brie Pre-pear-ed

08 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Dee and I went downtown to explore some of the restaurants in the area. After a stop at Voodoo Donuts, we went to Off The Waffle for the first time. This was the menu item that called out to both of us. Brie and pear on a waffle- good combo of sweet and savory.

#252 The Public House

09 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

We needed to get some wedding work done (when don’t we?) so Deanna and I brought our laptops to the Oakshire Public House. Pretty fun environment for getting some work done in an atmosphere that’s still social and at the end of the day is still a bar that serves great local beer.

#253 Home Alone the Game

10 September 2014 // Springfield, Oregon

If you couldn’t tell, Deanna and I have been getting a little too wild lately. After watchingThe Giver, we went to her place and played Home Alone on Super Nintendo. Legends never die, my friends.

#254 UO School of Business

11 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Deanna and I figured it was about time we got a good look around campus, so we went on a walk around its lawns and surrounding area. The business school was one of the most interesting buildings and since school isn’t starting yet, it was nice and empty for us to go and explore.

#255 Afternoon Tea & Cheese

12 September 2014 // Springfield, Oregon

Spent a simple and enjoyable afternoon at Deanna’s place. Life has been moving pretty fast since we’ve gotten to Oregon, so it was great to be able to take the time to help us unwind and enjoy our new surroundings.

#256 PDX Friends

13 September 2014 // Portland, Oregon

Took a day trip to Portland. It’s crazy that we now live so close that a casual day trip is very much possible. We spent some time at the Saturday Market and met up with Menekse at Powell’s. In the evening, we had dinner with her, and Kathleen joined us for some Salt & Straw.

#257 Boyhood at Bijou

14 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Went with Deanna to discover the Bijou– an excellent local theatre that’s a great spot for indie features, old classics, and lesser known goodies. We watched Boyhood, which we’ve been waiting all summer to see. We absolutely loved it. Richard Linklater is probably our most honest filmmaker today, and this was no exception. One of the best films I’ve seen in a long, ing time.

#258 Desk at the Window

15 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Got a few bits and pieces for a desk last week while I was in Portland, and it was a pleasant surprise to find that the tabletop got fits perfectly in the ledge space by my corner windows. I only needed one table leg and that was enough to make a simple desk that’s wonderfully functional.

#259 Maurie Jacobs

16 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Deanna and I were set to go on a date to explore the Waterways of the Willamette, but unfortunately, the leader of the expedition had to cancel at the last minute. Instead, we decided to walk the water trail on our own, which led us through some of Eugene’s wonderful city parks nearby my house.

#260 Prefontaine Trail

17 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Deanna and I went on a very simple but very fun date that included going on a walk through Alton Baker Park, right on Pre’s trail. Afterwards, we got to discover Cush Café and enjoy their biscuits and gravy, then go and dominate a trivia night with people we had just met.

#261 Hanging Postcards

18 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Old postcards are some of my favorite things to collect, perhaps those with a vintage look (the tackier the better) and those that have been sent to me by actual friends. Picked up this hanging mobile to display them best.

#262 Vanilla Jill’s Open Mic

19 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Took Deanna on a date for the third night this week. This adventure involved seeing Chef at our dollar theatre and then enjoying an Open Mic Night at Vanilla Jill’s, featuring the colorful personalities of the Whiteaker Neighborhood. Also, I got to try heirloom tomato ice cream which was surprisingly tasty.

#263 Split Dragonfruit

20 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Spent a lazy Saturday around town with Deanna before going over to Jacob’s to watch the Ducks game. On impulse, we bought a dragon fruit. It was expensive but delicious!

#264 Whittaker Happenings

21 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

I live in a very active part of town, which all kinds of events going on all the time. Most of them are as informal as it gets, but that’s how Whitaker rolls. This is what the outside of my neighborhood expensive-organic-grocery-store looks like.

#265 PDX Evening

22 September 2014 // Portland, Oregon

After meeting with my advisor, I drove up to Portland to join Deanna there as she was getting her work orientation. I got there by night, and it was quite pretty while the sun was going down and everything.

#266 Water Avenue Coffee

23 September 2014 // Portland, Oregon

While Deanna was at her work orientation, I set off on a mission to discover a coffee shop around Portland that I hadn’t been to before. Enter Water Avenue. It has a funky little space and one of the most distinct espresso’s I’ve been able to try, but I liked it a lot.

#267 Duck Squad

24 September 2014 // Salem, Oregon

On my drive back to Eugene, I wanted to discover somewhere new. Enter a pit stop in Salem at Wirth Lake. While the lake was scenic, the more interesting thing was the mixed mass of ducks that had congregated by the parking lot.

#268 Graduate Orientation

25 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

I spent most of the day meeting people from my program and sitting in meetings to get used to the graduate system at the University of Oregon. So far, the program seems like a really good fit and I’m a fan of it’s choose-your-own-adventure mentality. Looking forward to seeing where this leads.

#269 Bright Day on Campus

26 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Spent the early part of my day on campus to meet with my adviser, run a couple errands, and then to just get to know the area a little bit better. It was an especially nice day out, and I can appreciate the beauty of the area.

#270 The First Eugene Hike

27 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Deanna and I took the hard way to get up to Spencer’s Butte. We did it quickly, but it was a pretty decent challenge! It was misty as we hiked up and reached the summit, which made the hike all the more gorgeous in my opinion, then when we got to the top, it cleared up, we got a great view of the city below, and we found a geocache. Good journey!

#271 International Studies Graduate Social

28 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Had a social BBQ with my cohort, the cohort of second years, and the International Studies faculty at Wayne Morse Farms. It was a good day out for a BBQ, and a good chance to meet everybody and to get to know them a little bit better.

#272 Stare

29 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

This is Bella. All she needs is a window and she’s pretty much set for life. Although it was a pretty and rainy day, so I don’t blame her.

#273 First Day of Grad School

30 September 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Had my first day of classes as a grad student. It felt kind of funny being back on a college campus as a student. Even though it was grad school, it still felt like I was pulling a 21 Jump Street sort of move. Good first day, though!

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