This Dog Loves Snow, Best Tacos in Town, & Appertivo Hour


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This miracle of a little animal somehow survived the weekend.


This Dog Loves Snow [1].JPG
This Dog Loves Snow [2].JPG
This Dog Loves Snow [3].JPG
This Dog Loves Snow [4].JPG
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I freaking love how much this dog loves the snow. Opted to drive the distance to Tahoe instead of flying there largely so we could watch her rub her face in it while lobbing snowballs at her.


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These days, I eat dinner at around 6:30, but I used to eat much later than that, as a lot of Southern Europeans do. That feels more natural to me, and allows for more socializing in the early evening.

Aperitivo hour is the Italian tradition of grabbing a light drink and maybe some small bites or charcuterie in the earlier evening to bridge the gap and to socialize with people.

Apertivo refers to both the event and the drink, which can really be anything. Lighter drinks are more ideal; vermouths, spritzes, saisons, and crodino with bitters are my faves, but to me, the most important piece is the social aspect and being around good people.


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Going from feeling helpless to feeling hopeful and empowered is one of the most important shifts a person can make.


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What makes for meaningful work? I read a business article that said the three things it came down to were freedom, being challenged, and having a direct link between effort and payoff.

Those are great things, though I would have chosen three other things:

Making a sufficient living.

Making work that feels true to you.

Making a lasting impact on the world.

My upcoming project focuses on how to put these three things together and do your best work. Sign up via the link in my profile to get the heads up when it’s released.


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No leg injury is gonna slow us down from living in the moment and eating some tacos.

Deanna messed her knee up rock climbing a few weeks ago, but we remain committed to figuring out who has the best tacos in town by way of a 32 seed bracket.

Check my stories for the latest matchups this weekend between a couple PB faves and a couple North Park faves. Taco Madness marches onward.


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Live with urgency. Live with patience.

If you can figure out how to make room for these two seemingly contradictory things, you’ll do good.

Live with the awareness that life is short. Love like there’s no tomorrow. Embrace the urgency of human suffering, injustice, poverty, and environmental threats.

But be patient. Know that small steps can complete a journey. Know that lasting change doesn’t happen overnight, and that making an impact takes commitment.

Urgency and patience. Make good friends with them both.

Philippe Lazaro