Vampire Weekend

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Wisdom’s a gift but you’d trade it for youth.

Walcott takes me back to driving around my senior year. Horchata takes me back to unpacking my bags my first day in Italy when moving into the yellow painted apartment. Step will take me back to spending the Fourth of July in London and my friend’s British dad grilling hot dogs to celebrate the “special relationship.” Harmony Hall takes me back to earlier this year, moving out of our old apartment shortly before discovering we were pregnant.

Vampire Weekend, thanks for being the soundtrack to most of my twenties and our last show before becoming parents.

I wondered if we would even get to use our tickets for this show or if our baby would try and make his way into the world to the tune of Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa. Thankfully we made it through.

Also, based on his in utero movements this kid loves concerts. That should be fun in a few years.

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Philippe Lazaro