The Sacred Wait, The MLS Cup, & California Adventures


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A few years ago, I started paying much more attention to Advent. Christmas celebrates arrival and the “thrill of hope,” while Advent focuses on anticipation and the way hope persists, even when things are dark and quiet.

I think that speaks to what I’ve been experiencing and what I’ve seen around the world.

There have been some weeks this year that have really made me feel like life just hit a dead end. And I have a much easier life than many others. There are so many people who live in a constant state of not having enough. I’ve made friends who have had to flee their homes due to violence. Every day I hear of people being mistreated because of their skin color, tribe, or gender.

I think Advent holds something special for people who suffer. People who deal with racism, poverty, sickness, etc. Justice will come. Healing will come. But for now we wait, anticipating that it won’t be this way forever. And there’s something pretty sacred about that anticipation.

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Excited to step into another week of work.

Last week, I got to help roll out my second Giving Tuesday campaign with @plantwpurpose. Last year’s was a pleasant surprise; we had a goal of raising $20,000 and finished the day with $30,000. I figured I would set our starting goal higher this year, at $30,000. I should’ve remembered how generous our community is. We hit that before noon and ended the day at $81,000. (Also, you bet I’m gonna nudge us to set that bar higher next year.)

In places like Tanzania, $81 dollars goes a really long way, let alone $81,000. When you invest that in the right things, in local leaders, in women, in education, in healthy soil and sustainability, you can take leaps towards extremely ambitious goals like ending poverty and climate change.


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Went on a California Adventure this weekend. As a kid I loved drawing maps of the theme park I’m gonna build someday. Superland. That place is great. I mapped it out on graph paper. It was such a great park that the wall going around the park was thick enough to hold rooms full of video games, ballpits, food, and Ripley’s type stuff. I drew characters like Strange Girl to walk around the park. I don’t even know if I got much further than drawing the park entrance. There was too much good stuff in the foyer already. I wonder if my mom hung on to those blueprints. Let’s bring this to life. HMU on Kickstarter.



Every year, I try to scratch an item off my bucket list. A big one. I’m thankful to have already lived out a number of dreams, and I’m excited about the ones ahead.

This upcoming year, I’ve got my eyes on Alaska. I’d love to explore Denali and Kenai and to make friends with a musk ox. Even bigger than that, it’ll be my 50th state, pending visits to Wyoming and West Virginia earlier in the year.

When I got close to the end of this goal, I deliberately wanted to save Alaska for the end. I wanted state 50 to be a bit of a celebration with friends. Out of all the states that remained, Alaska was easily the most fun. Plus it’s the Last Frontier!

Life is beautiful, it goes by fast, and you never know what might happen next. Mine has been full of reminders to not put off meaningful dreams and quests and missions to some future time when it’s “more convenient.” Who knows if that’ll even come?


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True story, I never really get tired of exploring the murals of Barrio Logan/Chicano Park. I could spend an entire day mural hunting and only make it a few blocks.


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“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

–Vincent Van Gogh

Today’s agenda: small things like a morning run, family time, and whatever else might come.



This weekend is truly a fantastic one for my inner futbol fanatic. My Timbers in the MLS Cup right this minute and my Boca Juniors in the rescheduled, relocated Madrid Superclasico tomorrow.

Honestly, Atlanta Utd. is a really good and exciting team and I’m impressed with how great of a fan base that city has turned out to be in only a few short years.

Having said that, when I root, I root for the Timbers. Let’s get this MLS Cup. Should be a good one.

POSTGAME: Bummer. Never want to lose, but ATL was a worthy opponent to lose to. Great soccer city. Congrats! Now come on Boca and help me finish this weekend 1-1 as a fan.

Philippe Lazaro