Best Tacos in Town

Best Taco Card.jpg

We went looking for San Diego’s best taco shop the only way I know how.

A 32-seed bracket.

Every year I pick an extremely attainable resolution that makes my life better. A few years ago, I resolved to stop saying the word ‘manatee’ when they also go by ‘sea cow.’ Another year, I planned on putting pictures in a frame I owned for six months that still had the generic sample photos in there. Nailed it.

Admittedly, my plan for 2019 is a little more ambitious- to use a 32 seed bracket to determine my favorite taco shop in San Diego.

I believe I’m living in the country’s best city for tacos. And there are about eight places I call “the best in town.” Clearly that’s a crowded number one spot and a March Madness style bracket is the only way to solve that.

Salud [1].JPG


El Zarape v. Carnitas Las Michocanas

Tacos Mimi v. Taco Surf PB

Philippe Lazaro