Developing a Brand Identity for a Brand New Organization


Anthony Meyer was a physical fitness expert about to launch a service that many would call pretty unconventional. Online fitness coaching. To many, the idea of online and fitness seemed like such contrasts that the idea of using the internet to get in shape was a bit bewildering.

It was attention getting, at least, and that's always a plus. I met with Anthony to talk to him about how to overcome this hurdle in order to drive in more customers. While he was skilled at coaching, he was relatively new to the world of marketing. I made suggestions about how to align himself with clients' life narratives, how to use visuals to appeal to those clients, and how to explain the benefits of online coaching.

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First, I helped Anthony identify an audience. Who would benefit from an online coach? Frequent travelers, busy parents with kids, and other demographics that can't easily make it to a gym.

I then helped him work through the storytelling process. If these busy parents and travelers were the hero of his story, what was their goal? To get in shape, of course. Then we identified obstacles. Kids. A busy life. Now he was ready to position his service as a solution.

I encouraged him to promote the online aspect of his work as a way to give these groups access to staying in shape when life doesn't allow it. We talked about what images to have on his site, what logo to work with, in order to drive home this point.


After a few weeks of working with Anthony, here's what I was able to develop with him.

  • Written copy for his site
  • A basic site design for him to work with
  • A new logo that could convey the image of strength
  • Ideas about how to tier pricing in a way that meets customer needs
  • An actionable plan for how to further market himself
Philippe Lazaro