Building a Great Website for a Great Business


CoachPro LLC was a great business that offered quality vehicle renovations to coach owners all over the world. They've done everything from furniture installation to making electrical components that could work overseas and adding wheelchair ramps to making coach buses more disability friendly. They did great work and were continuing to offer in demand services to all kinds of clients.

They just had one problem. Their website looked like the year 2002. CoachPro's job was to make fantastic vehicle renovations, not websites! That's where I came in. I offered to make a user friendly website that took advantage of their visually stunning work.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 11.48.41 AM.png


It started with a website audit. I went page by page, evaluated how necessary each one was, how functional it was. I showed CoachPro's owner my notes and suggested some big changes.

Then, I got to work. I started building a new website. I wrote short but compelling bits of copy for every single page, plus blog posts to help profile some of their great work in the past. I designed menus for services inspired by a completely different but visually-driven industry: restaurants and food service.

I showed my first take to CoachPro and they made suggestions for some further changes. In less than a month I presented them with their finished product.


I handed over a packet of information about how to make simple changes to the website and offered to continue to help in the future. 

CoachPro was beyond thrilled with their new site and began to make recommendations to other businesses about changes their websites could make. They had a gorgeous new online home to direct their wide world of clients towards.

Philippe Lazaro