APRIL 2013


#91 Hanging With Rob

01 April 2013 // San Diego, California

Got to spend time with my stepdad, listening to his military stories from Korea. A perk of being back home.

#92 Days of Home

02 April 2013 // San Diego, California

Spent the day mostly camped out at home, trying to explore some prospects for grad school and other things.

#93 LiNK Alum Google Hangout

03 April 2013 // San Diego, California

Hanging on Google with SeanKathleenMichelle, and later Brett and Elaine, and playing “guess that animal skeleton” was a highlight of my day.

#94 Test Prep

04 April 2013 // San Diego, California

Most of what my days have been consisting of lately: looking at jobs, studying for the GRE, scouting out grad schools, running. And coffee. That too.

#95 Jars of Spicy

05 April 2013 // San Diego, California

Went out for Thai food with Ivy. One of my favorites.

#96 Walk Around The Lake

06 April 2013 // San Diego, California

Took a short walk around the lake, one of the things I’ve been enjoying more lately.

#97 Smashburger Run

07 April 2013 // San Diego, California

First time eating at a Smashburger… in my opinion, the burger parody of GameStop. Good food, though. I’d missed American burgers!

#98 Writing Sesh at Lestat’s

08 April 2013 // San Diego, California

Went to the new Lestat’s for a bit of a writing session with Jeremy. Definitely more of these to come.

#99 Oceanside Harbor

09 April 2013 // Oceanside, California

Drove up to Oceanside to spend the evening with my aunts visiting in their time share. Also, Joe’s Crab Shack!

#100 Streets of Oceanside

10 April 2013 // Oceanside, California

Spent the day exploring Carlsbad and Oceanside with my Auntie Ella for her 80th birthday.

#101 Whole Foods Bar

11 April 2013 // San Diego, California

Got a job! Decided to celebrate by reliving tour days and sampling everything at Whole Foods.

#102 Driving The Grapevine

12 April 2013 // Santa Clarita, California

The drive to Bakersfield is a long one, but I love it once I get to the Grapevine. Left early after watching Wreck-It Ralph.

#103 Simon’s Stomp Rocket

13 April 2013 // Bakersfield, California

After dinner at Frugatti’s for Deanna‘s grandmas birthdays, we took a walk out in the park, and Simon got to test out his new stomp rocket.

#104 The Bakersfield Farmers Market

14 April 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Deanna and I went to the Bakersfield Carrot Festival after church, which apparently downgraded to a regular Farmers Market- but its okay, we got roast corn.

#105 Cool Kids Eat Ice Cream

15 April 2013 // Bakersfield, California

After getting pho, Deanna, Riho, Boram, and I decided to be cool kids by getting Thrifty Ice Cream and eating on the street curb.

#106 Clouds Over CSUB

16 April 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Got the chance to explore CSUB’s campus for most of the day while Deanna had class. Also got to catch up with Meaghan and Chris.

#107 Bakersfield Falls

17 April 2013 // Bakersfield, California

Before driving out to Irvine for Catalyst, I had a wonderful morning with Deanna, eating crêpes and taking a walk around the Bakersfield Falls.

#108 Take a Seat & Make a Friend

18 April 2013 // Irvine, California

This was one of the many interesting goings on at the first day of Catalyst.

#109 Catalyst 2013

19 April 2013 // Irvine, California

One of my favorite moments of Catalyst- surprise appearances by Kid President and Rainn Wilson.

#110 Things Are Good

20 April 2013 // San Diego, California

Ben & Jerry’s makes Cannoli Ice Cream. Highlight of my day. Of course, I’m still waiting for them to take my flavor suggestion of “Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes.”

#111 Downtown SD on a Sunday

21 April 2013 // San Diego, California

The street corner right behind church sneaks you a pretty sweet view of Petco Park and Downtown San Diego from behind.

#112 La Jolla Shopping Center

22 April 2013 // La Jolla, California

Decided to run a few errands around La Jolla right before work- definitely enjoy getting to the neighborhood a bit earlier to find new places.

#113 New Journal Excitement

23 April 2013 // La Jolla, California

Finished the identical looking journal that I started at the beginning of the year which lasted me through South Africa. Next chapter!

#114 Coffee Shop on the Corner

24 April 2013 // La Jolla, California

Rebecca’s is now one of my favorite coffee shops in San Diego to set up camp for the day and get some work done. If only I lived a little closer to South Park.

#115 Todo Sushi

25 April 2013 // San Diego, California

Convinced my mom to go on a sushi run with me. Spicy Tuna FTW.

#116 UTC Terrace

26 April 2013 // La Jolla, California

Spent a little time just walking around UTC to unwind before work.

#117 Volleyball Serve

27 April 2013 // San Diego, California

Went to the beach clean up with Mosaic- and by beach clean up, I mean they had finished cleaning by the time I got there, so I just had fun.

#118 Mosaic SD

28 April 2013 // San Diego, California

I’ve been going to Mosaic San Diego lately. I’m pretty sure I’ve found a community I’m excited to call home.

#119 Cal West Nomads

29 April 2013 // La Jolla, California

Cal West had a lighter schedule for one day, so I was able to take Chi, Jihyun, and YJ around San Diego a bit, going for pho, out to Pacific Beach, visiting street shops, and getting some Mexican food.

#120 LiNK @ UCSD

30 April 2013 // La Jolla, California

Went out to the UCSD Rescue Team screening of Danny From North Korea… the Cal West Nomads killed it! And that’s two refugees rescued for UCSD. If you haven’t seen Danny From North Korea yet, it’s a must: dannyfromnorthkorea.com

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