MARCH 2013


#60 Another Weekend Dance Party

01 March 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

These girls are always singing, stomping, and dancing. And their song selection is pretty diverse- Rhianna, church hymns, and the South African national anthem.

#61 Saucy Steak

02 March 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Jay took me out for lunch to get a proper South African steak. This one came smothered in Madagascar green pepper sauce, and was fantastic. This + Thai food earlier = first food coma in a while.

#62 Sunday Playtime

03 March 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

There was a lot of hanging out going on in the courtyard after church. And on Sundays, they wear pink.

#63 Simangele

04 March 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Afternoons in the play room… there’s a lot going on.

#64 Neo

05 March 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

One of the oldest guys at the centre. I’ve been mentoring him since arriving. He’s hoping to go to join the Air Force to become a pilot when he’s done with school.

#65 The Little Ones

06 March 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

There’s nothing quite like the unbridled enthusiasm that the kids in the creche shower me with.

#66 The Smoke That Thunders

07 March 2013 // Livingstone, Zambia

Got an awesome view of the spray from the Victoria Falls rising up from my window seat on my flight to Livingstone. This was amazing.

#67 Quiet Livingstone

08 March 2013 // Livingstone, Zambia

Although it’s one of the larger and more known Zambian towns, Livingstone is still quite small and quiet. Definitely a contrast to my part two months in Johannesburg.

#68 Victoria Falls

09 March 2013 // Livingstone, Zambia

This was awesome. I cannot believe I actually got to see this in person.

#69 Behind the Mosquito Net

10 March 2013 // Livingstone, Zambia

After spending my Sunday morning visiting a Zambian church for the local experience, I spent the rest of the day chilling at the hostel. A contributing factor: my shoes, drying out in the window remained wet from the Victoria Falls’ spray.

#70 Fawlty Towers

11 March 2013 // Livingstone, Zambia

Although I had to do the Zambia trip alone, I managed to pick the perfect hostel for meeting cool people- namely some British NGO workers doing neat things.

#71 Mosi Oa Tunya

12 March 2013 // Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Went back to see the Falls- but this time from the Zimbabwean side. I hoped that it would be easy to cross into Zimbabwe, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was as easy as taking a walk.

#72 Chobe National Park

13 March 2013 // Chobe National Park, Botswana

Got to get up close and personal with some elephants, and other wonderful African beasts on a game drive and river cruise in Botswana.

#73 Joburg Return

14 March 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Back to the centre for one final week… ready to take in as much quality time with the kids as possible.

#74 A TOMS Delivery

15 March 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

First time seeing the other side of TOMS’ One for One program when boxes arrived at the centre. Simphiwe and the others are all looking trendy in their new TOMS shoes.

#75 Saturday at the Centre

16 March 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Collins looking on as everyone else kicks around soccer balls. Its some of these ordinary scenes that I’m really going to miss when I leave the centre.

#76 Arts On Main

17 March 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

I FINALLY got to check out Arts on Main’s Sunday Market. In the middle of Joburg’s gritty centre city is the gentrified artsy trendy precinct of Maboneng. A foodie’s dream!

#77 Supporter Supper

18 March 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Probably one of the most chaotic- although fun days at the centre… the supporter supper! Awesome food, great conversations, and some fun performances from the kiddos.

#78 The Guys of 5Cees

19 March 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Leaving the centre is not going to be easy. This is why.

#79 Pastor Mike

20 March 2013 // Johannesburg, South Africa

Pastor Mike Sunker, founder and director of 5Cees, is definitely a hero of mine. Listening to him tell me about his visits to the townships and his plans to move to the centre to spend more time with the kids was super inspiring. Through action, he’s taught me a lot about having vision and being present.

#80 Departures & Arrivals

21 March 2013 // Amsterdam, Netherlands

My favorite part about airports are how the people there are from anywhere and everywhere.

#82 Homecoming Pho

22 March 2013 // San Diego, California

My first meal out upon returning to the US? No big surprise…

#82 Time to Run

23 March 2013 // San Diego, California

Training for the Color Run- first bit of real exercise after almost a year without! Since I can use whatever motivation I can get, I picked up some new running shoes. Appropriately neon enough for the Color Run.

#83 Coffee Shop Walls

24 March 2013 // San Diego, California

Not so fond of working inside the house, so I use that as my excuse to go coffee shop hunting.

#84 Coronado Dinner

25 March 2013 // Coronado, California

Went out for a pretty nice dinner at Coronado with Jeremy and family… great seeing him again!

#85 Morning Run Companion

26 March 2013 // San Diego, California

Ran into this guy while on my morning run at the lake. Not quite as good of a running partner as a dog.

#86 Reunited!

27 March 2013 // Goleta, California

It’s been far too long since I’ve seen either of these two! How to celebrate? Revisiting the site of a great evening hangout, one year before.

#87 The Wurst Double Date

28 March 2013 // Santa Barbara, California

Got to go on a double date with Derek and Holly while in Santa Barbara, and really enjoyed the new sausage restaurant we found on State.

#88 Sriracha Lays

29 March 2013 // Santa Barbara, California

Finally found ’em. I’ve been trying to hunt these down since returning to the USA. How am I suppose to vote for my favorite flavor if I can’t try ’em all? True democracy demands access… also, they were out of the chicken and waffles flavor.

#89 Lake Arrowhead

30 March 2013 // Lake Arrowhead, California

Had an awesome day exploring Lake Arrowhead with Deanna and family. Nature walks, wine tasting… pretty much a blast.

#90 Dorner Family Cabin

31 March 2013 // Santa Barbara, California

Deanna’s aunt and uncle totally spoiled us during our time at the lake. It was pretty wonderful.

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