Bakersfield Baby Shower

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32 weeks. 🌈 The size of a Care Bear.

It’s crazy to think about how close we are to having a kid out in the world. So many things are about to change. The version of life I’ve gotten used to just has a few more weeks left.

I’ve still got a nursery to finish, thank you cards to write, etc. And I’m looking forward to savoring each of these projects.

We had our baby shower in Bakersfield yesterday. Thanks so much to everybody who was able to come! It means a lot to me that baby is gonna grow up with a crew of great friends, family, family friends, aunts and uncles in his corner.

Now who wants to place bets on if Baby comes before, after, or during:

🔆 The Vampire Weekend show we have tickets for -10/3
🔆 Deanna’s 30th Birthday - 10/9
🔆 Game One of the World Series - 10/22
🔆 Halloween - 10/31
🔆 The launch of Disney Plus - 11/12


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