Grassroots Finale

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We did it! Can you believe it?

One whole season of the Grassroots Podcast is a wrap! I’m amazed and beyond thankful that this is part of what I get to do for a living.

I really believe that the people who are most affected by things like climate are the people we hear from the least. I hope good storytelling changes that, and every time you’ve streamed or shared our show, that’s helped!

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Our season finale is up now! We ask what even is the planet’s case for hope. If you couldn’t tell, I definitely believe there is hope, but you may wonder how some of us do that in spite of so many scary projections and sad news stories.

It’s been such a joy getting to work with so many people on this. From my Plant With Purpose family to our production team Chad Michael Snavely & Nick Laparra) to all the great guests that have offered their time. (Really, I can’t believe I’ve gotten to have such solid conversations with people like Shane Claiborne, Matthew Sleeth, and Phileena Heuertz.

If you’re ready to stream the finale, or any of our other six episodes, they’re up in the link in my profile!

Philippe Lazaro