When I asked Deanna to marry me, I told her that getting married doesn’t mean settling down, but it means partaking in the biggest adventure there is– becoming one with another person. To be clear, the “biggest adventure” isn’t one on the list below. It doesn’t involve passports, or backpacks, or cooking challenges… it involves sacrificing and committing to each other. BUT– we also want those other sorts of adventures in our life, because pursuing a quest draws us closer together and because life’s a little more fun when you’re on a mission. So, we drafted a list together. A list of 100 things we’d like to have done by our 1,000th day of being married.

I’ll keep this updated along the way. And, like I did last time, we’ll be donating $5 for every unaccomplished mission!

START: JUNE 27, 2015
FINISH: MARCH 23, 2018


  1. Climb Mount Hood

  2. Take a pottery class together

  3. Go on the Hellgate Jetboat Excursion

  4. Go on a 3 day, 2 night backpacking trip

  5. Own a dog

  6. Host 50 friends for dinner (23/50)

  7. See the Seattle Mariners play at Deanna’s first MLB game

  8. Go wine tasting

  9. Explore San Juan / Orcas Islands

  10. Start a garden

  11. Make 10 tacos influenced by Filipino cuisine (4/10)

  12. Run a half marathon together

  13. See Run River North play live

  14. Go skiing

  15. Spend New Years Eve in New York City

  16. Road trip from Chicago to Iowa to see Vanessa & Breanne

  17. Visit Patagonia

  18. Make 50 recipes from Mastering the Art of French Cooking (15/50)

  19. Save up enough money from recycling for a nice dinner

  20. Start canning and pickling vegetables

  21. Visit Italy

  22. Take a road trip through the South

  23. Go to five Ducks home games

  24. Cover five songs, write five songs (0/5) & (0/5)

  25. Visit the Seven Wonders of Oregon (7/7)

  26. Go to DisneyWorld or Disneyland

  27. Try 100 craft beers (39/100)

  28. Ride in a horse drawn carriage

  29. Escape the Room

  30. Take a cooking class

  31. Support ten different friends fundraisers (4/10)

  32. Eat everything listed in the Foodspotting Book (27/75)

  33. See a Katy Perry concert together

  34. Give out seven micro-loans (3/7)

  35. Go through an entire TV series together

  36. Make sushi together

  37. Read through five books together as a couple (1/5)

  38. Go to a Portland Timbers game

  39. Visit a production factory

  40. Go outdoor rock climbing

  41. Join or start a book club

  42. Rescue a refugee with LiNK

  43. Open an Etsy store

  44. Discover seven waterfalls (6/7)

  45. Spend a night at three different lakes (2/3)

  46. Ride the Oregon Covered Bridges Scenic Bikeway

  47. Find fifty geocaches (10/50)

  48. Perform random acts of kindness for ten friends (3/10)

  49. Host a murder mystery party

  50. Get a couples massage

  51. Watch movies at five unconventional movie theaters (3/5)

  52. Go to five trivia nights (2/5)

  53. Visit New Orleans

  54. Go two weeks without spending any money

  55. Complete a puzzle

  56. Go snorkeling

  57. Ride a historic railroad

  58. Complete a mural together

  59. Visit a secret bar or restaurant

  60. Visit an aquarium together

  61. Hike fifteen different trails in the Pacific Northwest (9/20)

  62. Go clubbing

  63. Create a cookbook together

  64. Refurbish two old pieces of furniture

  65. See Matt & Kim live

  66. Host ten visitors (8/10)

  67. Take a spiritual retreat together

  68. Discover four natural swimming holes (3/4)

  69. Go to a TEDx Event

  70. Make our own ice cream

  71. Eat at three iconic food halls or public markets (1/3)

  72. Bake an elaborate cake, Ace of Cake status

  73. Go to three book signings together (0/3)

  74. Watch 20 different films from 20 different countries (5/20)

  75. Visit Bend

  76. Go to South Africa together

  77. See a stand up comedy show

  78. Watch a stage musical

  79. Visit Thor’s Well

  80. Visit an alpaca farm together

  81. Go on a safari

  82. Go to four different Eugene Emeralds promo nights (4/4)

  83. Participate in Vino and Van Gogh

  84. Go to a renaissance faire

  85. Camp outside on our deck, patio, or backyard

  86. Watch a Ducks vs. Gauchos game, any sport

  87. Attend MusicFest NW or Bumbershoot

  88. Try roasting our own coffee

  89. Attend five weddings (2/5)

  90. Visit Sisters

  91. Host a “Chopped” Dinner

  92. Explore the Portland Grotto

  93. Go to an improv show together

  94. Spend a day boating together

  95. Go berry picking on Sauvie Island

  96. Hike potato chip rock

  97. Go to the Enchanted Forest

  98. Go to an EDM concert together

  99. Eat at a Brazilian churascarria

  100. Host a holiday and invite family

Philippe Lazaro