I work with people by working with what’s important to them.
Within minutes I can identify a person’s needs, values, and hopes and how I can best be in a position to provide help.


I believe in the power of storytelling. And I get how it works.
A story is a character in pursuit of a goal. In business, the customer is the main character, and a successful company will make itself the obvious means to accomplishing the goal.


I devour books like crazy.
They help me better understand what makes a good story and introduce me to new insights.


I am always willing to learn a new skill.
In the past year I’ve taught myself long-distance running, basic Hindi, and new cooking techniques.


I've taken a photo every single day since the beginning of 2010.
That’s commitment to a project.


I'm a goal-setter. (And finisher.) 
Whether it's 365 photos a year, my bucket list of marriage adventures, or the projects I take on for clients, I take pride in finishing what I start.


If there's one thing I know I can do well, it's write.
I write somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 per week, including academic research, marketing copy, and professional communication.


Plus, I wrote a book...
If Not For Second Chances... on Amazon now.


...and a lot of articles.
My articles, press releases, and reviews have been published by newspapers and publications from The Daily Nexus to Relevant Magazine.


Teaching comes natural to me. 
College students, autistic children, public speaking learners, middle schoolers... I've taught such a diverse group of people. I love making new concepts easier to understand.


Failure is a part of my process.
No matter what you do, failure is inevitable, but I don’t gloss past my mistakes. I examine what could be done differently in the future to make sure I learn something.


I bring joy and optimism to the table.
A couple of things severely missing these days. I have an uncanny ability to find what's positive.


Nonprofits are like home base.
I collaborate with dozens of nonprofits each year to provide consulting and support on communications and development. Civic engagement organizations, child services, and disability rights groups included!


I’ve also worked with plenty of businesses.
I’ve helped universities improve their web materials, local businesses build new websites, and new services develop a brand identity


I can do a lot with a little.
Thank my nonprofit experience. Limited budgets, tight schedules, and fast paced work environments aren’t foreign to me, and I embrace opportunities to figure out how to solve problems.


Lots of international experience.
Having been to nearly 40 countries, I can connect with people across cultures and borders.


I've worked on some really complicated issues.
This includes refugee camp advocacy in Thailand, trafficking prevention efforts in London, orphanage work in South Africa, and human rights abuses in North Korea.


Spanish, Italian, and Filipino.
I can chat in three languages, and counting! Didn't Nelson Mandela say something about speaking a person's language going right to his heart?


I love (and know) the USA.
My travel experience isn't just international. I've been to almost every state and appreciate what makes each one unique.


I went on a tour raising awareness of human rights abuses in North Korea.
In 2012 went to churches, universities, and community groups around 14 different states talking to vastly different audiences about how to help. In the end, my teammates and I raised close to $75,000


I love public speaking much more than most people.
I've spoken at churches, taught public speaking courses at universities, and gone on a 15-state speaking tour.


I'm a Duck and a Gaucho.
Some of my most valuable experiences have come from my two Masters Programs from Oregon and my two Bachelors Programs at UCSB. But like Mark Twain, I never let schooling interfere with my education.


Managing multiple projects? I don't mind.
While taking on two Masters degrees, I also supported my family through freelance communication work and teaching undergraduate classes. I developed the skill of taking on multiple projects while doing well.


I helped increase disability rights in Kenya, Mexico, and Vietnam.
Working with Mobility International, U.S.A., I helped solidify a collaborative network between a couple dozen organizations between the U.S.A and those four countries. How's that for team building?


Podcasts. I've made them.
Media is always changing and podcasts are one of the fastest growing mediums. I have experience as the co-host of my own show, Pints & Mics.


I'm more than just social media proficient.
Almost anyone under 30 can claim that. I have nearly a decade of experience of daily or weekly engagement on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Feedly, Yelp, Tumblr, Flickr, Wordpress, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Google, Goodreads, and more.


Instagram is my jam!
It's my favorite social network (and by no coincidence the least political). If you want a good look at what I can do with a social media platform, check out my posts. I’ve taken my own use of the photo-sharing app to the next level with longer, thoughtful posts, and high user engagement. On a platform where brevity and minimalism are the norm, I stand out by providing substantive content.


I can Adobe.
I know my way around Photoshop, InDesign and other visual editing software. Case in point? Most of the visuals and personal branding you’ll find on this site.


I can bring in an audience.
In its heyday, my personal blog attracted thousands of views each week. My online articles for other publications continue to be shared with thousands of unique engagements.


I'll make it a good experience.
I make sure that everybody I work with is pleased with the results. I combine hard work with a notably positive and upbeat


Philippe Lazaro