Big In-Between Moments

247 Baby Bump Bike Ride.JPG

I don't like heat. I think I experience the world 20º than the average person. But I do love summer.

Last weekend, we went out to a bike path that runs right behind a bunch of strip malls and along the San Diego River. It's not hidden by any means, but it is easily overlooked. I love that we've been getting outside a good amount lately; that we've been getting sun and movement and salt water.

I'm learning to love these in-between moments. 🚲🚲🚲

The baby isn't here yet but the bump is growing.

The bigger adventures and trips that I want to go on are on pause, but we're finding microadventures right where we are.

The podcast hasn't fully materialized into the storytelling magnet I want it to be, but it's growing steadily and picking up new listeners each week.

Good things will come, but good things are already here, too.

Isn't life just a big in-between moment anyways?

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Philippe Lazaro