It Threatens The Most Vulnerable


Have you heard of the Gabra people?

I hadnโ€™t either. Not until I met and interviewed Paul Robinson.


The Gabra are a nomadic ethnic group that live on the frontier lands of Kenya and Ethiopia.


Paul Robinson is a scholar who has spent 30+ years researching them.

Specifically, he looked into how they were able to survive living in one of the worldโ€™s harshest environments. Their tradition came down to being able to predict and follow rain.


With incredible precision, they could tell you when the rain would fall and where, often down to the hour. They did all this without any fancy tools. Their lives depended on it, and theyโ€™ve made it work for centuries.

This group of people and this way of life is one of the ones most threatened by climate change. As global weather patterns have become unpredictable, the Gabra lost their resilience and are in greater need of food aid.

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Philippe Lazaro