#335 Hosting the PNW Nomads

01 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Had a blast with Billy, Marissa, and Laine– PNW is a fun team! Got to enjoy hearing LiNK’s new Jangmadang presentation, and got to take them out to Killer Burgers afterwards for some peanut butter, bacon, pickle burgers.

#336 GTFF on Strike

02 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

My (sort of) union at my (sort of) job is (definitely) on strike… and they’re bringing some awesome picketing skills. In all seriousness, hopefully this gets worked out soon. Doesn’t seem like it would be too much to ask for the university to give some paid sick leave.

#337 Winter Shoes

03 December 2014 // Springfield, Oregon

Took this shot by accident but it turned out to be the best of the day. Stepping out onto the leaf-filled ground while heading towards Deanna’s house in the morning. One of my favorite parts of the day.

#338 Liberty Cold Brew

04 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

While the Nomads were in Eugene, I ended up buying some of LiNK’s Cold Brew. Merchandise has come a long way since I’ve been on tour, but in the words of Todd Barry, “After your first sip of COLD BREW coffee, it’s polite to stand up, look at the barista and go “DAMN! This brew is COLD!”

#339 Terwilliger Hot Springs

05 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Deanna decided that she wanted to plan one of our dates and surprise me. What does she pick? A hot springs in the middle of the Willamette National Forest during December.

#340 Springfield Christmas Parade

06 December 2014 // Springfield, Oregon

A really, really fun weekend continued! Deanna and I got to go to Downtown Springfield and watch the Christmas Parade. It was pretty fun getting to sit out with all the locals for our first Christmas in town.

#341 Sweet Write

07 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Spend the evening with a Maté Latte putting the finishing touches on a long writing project. It was a lovely, cozy Sunday night.

#342 Pam and Abby

08 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

This is our new friend Pam and her horse Abby. Pam runs a non-profit where she uses Abby to help special needs individuals and victims of sex trafficking learn important recovery skills. Deanna and I went over to Pam’s place to get a walk-through of her program and to see how we could get involved. Horses are amazing animals for therapy and learning social skills.

#343 The Suits

09 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Went out to town to look for my tuxedo, or whatever it is I’ll be wearing while getting married. The results were inconclusive.

#344 Cream Cheese Scone

10 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Did some reading and thinking about my thesis at Espresso Roma with two of my favorite snacks– a cream cheese scone and a white hot chocolate.

#345 Sunlit Walks

11 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Eugene had an unusual amount of blue skies and sunshine for the day, so it was impossible to not spend some of it walking around the neighborhood and enjoying the outside.

#346 Coffee & Eggs

12 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Slept in a little bit this morning, then spent it working on one of my favorites– big breakfast! Sausages, eggs, hash browns, and piping hot coffee.

#347 Christmas Light Drive

13 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Had an absolute great day with Deanna. Took a great morning walk, then enjoyed the Grinch at David Minor, then drove around at night with some Dutch Bros. to look at the Christmas lit houses.

#348 Gilead

14 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to read this book. It instantly became one of my favorites, hands down. I love reading over break.

#349 Public Market, Holiday Time

15 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Ran out to get a few random gift items from the market and from Provisions in the evening. Fun seeing it all decorated.

#350 Hoppyness is a Choice

16 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Went out to Elk Horn Brewery with Karla and Taylor, and Alli and Colin. When Deanna got around to joining us it became a triple date.

#351 Pad See Ew

17 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Basically spent the day taking a day long nap. But I also got to make Pad See Ew for the first time.

#352 Finale Time

18 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Went to sit outside by the holiday market while listening to the Serial season finale. And that’s that.

#353 Gateways Blackjack

19 December 2014 // Springfield, Oregon

Went to Deanna’s work party in the evening. In addition to the free food and drinks, there was also a mock game show and a casino set up.

#354 Let It Pour

20 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Deanna and I finally got around to eating at Falling Sky and we loved it. Lamb pastrami, easily one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a super long time.

#355 Visiting California

21 December 2014 // Carlsbad, California

Flew in to San Diego nice and early– it was my first time ever visiting California. Met up with Ben in Carlsbad and ate at a neat Armenian Café. Spent some time chatting and walking on the beach afterwards. This was pretty nice after being away for some time.

#356 Pannikin

22 December 2014 // Encinitas, California

Got to spend some time with Jeremy and go on a little field trip to Encinitas. Found Pannikin– a really neat work space with several different levels.

#357 The Ward

23 December 2014 // San Diego, California

Went to Tiger Tiger to catch up with Chris, for the first time since he got married. After recommending to him pretty much everything I’ve read and watched over the past couple of months, we then came up with an idea you’ll probably be hearing more about soon.

#358 A Family Christmas Eve

24 December 2014 // San Diego, California

Got to see my family and spend a wonderful Christmas Eve with them. I’m kinda glad we’ve slowly become a Christmas Eve family over time, because that allows me to enjoy two Christmases with different sets of people.

#359 First Christmas with Dee

25 December 2014 // Bakersfield, California

After dating for three years, we are finally able to spend Christmas Day together and that makes me really happy. My favorite Christmas Gift this year was my stepdad letting me use a car to get to Bakersfield to make this thing possible. My second favorite was this sweater Deanna’s mom made me.

#360 Fly Fishing with Rich

26 December 2014 // Kernville, California

Entered the world of Deanna’s dad when I asked him to take me fly fishing. The fish were totally MIA, but I loved it! I loved being outside, and I can only imagine how fun this is when the fish actually do bite. I could get into this.

#361 Nephew Playtime

27 December 2014 // Bakersfield, California

So glad that my time in California allowed me to get sufficient time playing with the nephews. Also, we got to see Colin and Judy for a hot minute while our paths crossed in town.

#362 Philippe's Bread

28 December 2014 // Portland, Oregon

Before returning to Eugene, I spent the day wandering around Portland and exploring, discovering several fun new places in the process. Also, breathing the Oregon air again felt really good. 

#363 Back in the Neighborhood

29 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

After a week in California, Oregon feels a little bit empty, but not necessarily the bad sort of empty. It’s more like fertile ground where new adventures can grow. 

#364 Winter Sun

30 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Considering how little sun Eugene gets in the winter, having the sun light up the house like this in the morning has been a treat this week. A bit deceptive, though, as it’s actually pretty freezing.

#365 2014

31 December 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

This will be a year to remember for sure. So many adventures and new endeavors. How on earth are you supposed to top the year that you got engaged?? Oh yeah, there’s the year you get married. 

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