#305 Ducks Gameday

01 November 2013 // Springfield, Oregon

After a pretty busy past couple of weeks, Deanna and I enjoyed treating ourselves to one of the laziest days ever, pretty much made up of Gilmore Girls, Bob’s Burgers, and napping. We managed to leave the house to get chicken wings during the Ducks game.

#306 Steak & Ale Pie

02 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

When the weather gets cold, the cold get steak and ale pie. And maybe an ale on the side.

#307 5 A.M.

03 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Love the little kickstart Daylight Savings gives. I got a neat 5 A.M. start to the day, and I love the way things feel at that hour.

#308 Rougeside Mural

04 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

As a testament to the good that can happen when you take things slower and take detours along the way, I caught this mural by hopping off my bike to walk some of the way home. It was right on the side of the Rogue Public House.

#309 Driver’s Side Snapshot

05 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

She found an opportune photographic moment. I did too. Free product placement for Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

#310 Fall Grounds

06 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Who doesn’t love pictures of fall leaves everywhere? Fortunately for me, I think my street takes the cake when it comes to setting the scene.

#311 Maru Bowls

07 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

New favorite restaurant in Eugene– Maru. Asian tapas, Japanese and Korean inspired fusion bits. Right up my alley.

#312 Fresh Carrots

08 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Took a trip to the Farmer’s Market. I’m trying to get in the habit of eating better things, and having some fresh ingredients to work with for sure helps. Plus, I love doing stuff locally and meeting interesting vendors.

#313 Catan is My Hood

09 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Played another Sunday Night game night with some of the friends we’ve made through Deanna’s job. Gotta love Catan.

#314 Late Autumn Sun

10 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

What I like about living somewhere with seasons, is that every now and then the weather will throw an anomaly your way and it’ll be absolutely gorgeous. And you only appreciate it as much as you do because of the seasons. Lesson: Being present makes even the unexpected beautiful.

#315 Fly With Your Own Wings

11 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

I wanted to get some work done someplace other than my desk at home, so I gave The Barn Light a shot. Never really hung out here in the day, usually just to kick back at night. It had a completely different feeling, but it was fun, and I got done with what I needed to do.

#316 Faith & Academia Panel

12 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Went to the UOGCF discussion about the intersection of faith and academic work. All speaking professors were from totally different backgrounds, which made it all the more interesting.

#317 November Reads

13 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Here’s what I’m reading this month. A little bit for fun, quite a bit for work. At least I do enjoy reading.

#318 The Scanner

14 November 2014 // Springfield, Oregon

Deanna and I told Target we were registering so we could have fun with the scanner, running around the store and zapping all of the things we want. Who knew it would be so tiring? You’re next, REI.

#319 Reedsport

15 November 2014 // Reedsport, Oregon

Took Deanna on a date, and by date, I mean day trip to the Coast. I wanted to pick a town that Google Maps made look fun. That ended up being Reedsport, right on the mouth of the Umpqua River. We ate at a small town café and talked to a local about jewelry, walked around these docks, and then watched the sun go down over the ocean at a lighthouse.

#320 Dinner at Dee’s

16 November 2014 // Springfield, Oregon

After a pretty tiring weekend adventure to the coast followed by a day of work, we were ready for an easygoing night. We prepared dinner at Deanna’s place and hung out on the couch, and it was a welcome, easygoing night.

#321 Seasonal Labels

17 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

I did some stocking up! Being at a new place means that I have a whole new slate of local brews, and all their seasonal flavors to discover. So far, Jublelale by Deschutes is the most to my liking.

#322 Cooling Campus

18 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Thinking about it, this week kind of marks my last truly big week of school. I’m ahead of the curve in terms of getting the last bits of my work done for the final week, and I don’t have any finals to deal with. Good news for me.

#323 Cake for Kristen

19 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

We had cake to celebrate Kristen finishing her dissertation. She wasn’t there, but we photographed it and ate it anyways.

#324 Sweet Life

20 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Went to Eugene’s premier dessert location for the first time. Their root beer meringues were amazing, and even waiting in their usually long line was a lot of fun.

#325 Composer’s Forum

21 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Went to a composer’s forum to support my new friend Dan, who wrote an original piece as a wedding processional. It was a good show!

#326 First Ducks Game

22 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Deanna and I made it to Autzen Stadium for our first Ducks game, and our only one of the season. We plan to go a lot more next year when I can get her in for free. Not a bad game for our first one… a big time blowout against Colorado.

#327 Bit of Yard Work

23 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Got to enjoy being outside for a little bit while helping the upstairs neighbors lay down wood chips to help get the backyard ready for a cold winter. Good break, getting to work with my hands.

#328 Mom’s in Eugene

24 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Another visitor! This time it’s my mom being here for Thanksgiving. Took her out to Laughing Planet right off the bat.

#329 Top Down

25 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Got a little too comfortable in an elevator and forgot to get out. I ended up taking it all the way up to the top. I was rewarded with a cool view of an otherwise pretty familiar route.

#330 Cranberry Sauce

26 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Deanna came over so we could start with a little bit of the preparation for the Thanksgiving feast. The first thing we got working on was the cranberry sauce, complete with substituting mashed cuties when we discovered we didn’t have orange juice.

#331 Eugene Friendsgiving

27 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

This Thanksgiving was quite a bit different from the usual, but we at least got to spend it in good company. A number of friends, plus my mom, were over for the evening and we got to enjoy food we spent all day making.

#332 Boutique Mirrors

28 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Deanna and I took my mom out to discover some more of Eugene. We found some fun stores around the 5th street market and used them more as photoshoot backdrops than anything else.

#333 Townshend’s With Mom

29 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Took my mom out to get some tea over at Townshend’s. I discovered the black cap latte, which essentially was a mushroom latte. It was delicious.

#330 Mom's First Time in Oregon

29 November 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

A pretty good weekend visit, I'd say.

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