Don't Rush Through the Tension

As it goes in FILM, so it goes in LIFE! (Swipe to meet my friend Hasely)

I’m so excited about this idea that I figured a silly cartoon would be the best way to demonstrate.

Hasely is a film curator. His passion for cinema developed by curating the 3 for $5 DVD section of his family drug store. Legendary titles like “100 Western Classics,” “Paul Blart 7,” and “Rude Gals” (not to be mistaken for the more mainstream Mean Girls) taught him everything about what makes a great story.

His discovery was the same as one I’ve been working on for years.

One of my biggest lessons in trying to tell better stories has been learning to sit with the tension instead of rushing through it.

Tension makes a good story.

And this kind of applies to life as well! The parts that throw us out of our comfort zones often lead to the best stories.

In some stories, it’s tempting to rush your characters back to a place of safety and happiness. And in life, we all crave that. But when we’re in that space, the story has nowhere else to go.

Listen to Hasely. Tension is where the heart of a story is found.

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Philippe Lazaro