Global Climate Strike


Curiosity and solidarity led me out of the office and to a high school gathering for the #globalclimatestrikelast week. I was pretty impressed with these students.

When I was in high school, which wasn’t like, thaaaaat long ago, there might’ve been about six students with the energy and awareness to speak about climate and justice and solutions as well as these kids. And I definitely wasn’t one of them.



It wasn’t until I started traveling more that it became more obvious to me that climate issues affect the most vulnerable people first. These students knew that and made it a main point of their speeches.

It wasn’t until after graduate school that I realized how high of a priority environmental issues needed to be in the world. These kids know that too.


I totally reject broad level stereotypes about entitlement or not knowing how to problem solve that get thrown around. These students don’t just solve the problems in immediate sight, they think more globally too.

If we all keep up the energy to change things, stay in it for the long haul, and fight away cynicism, there’s lots to look forward to.

Philippe Lazaro