I've long had this fantasy of visiting Vietnam just for the street food. Like, it comes with a mental image of sitting outside with a couple bowls of pho or something just eating streetside at night- not too unlike those pics of Anthony Bourdain and Obama a while back.

Flash ahead to the other week. Tui, our Thai director took me out for dinner in a quiet part of town with food carts and light traffic. He ordered me everything he thought I needed to taste and we sat outside at night enjoying it all. There it was. Street food. Thai traffic. Carts. Steel table. Just sitting, tasting, being. It wasn't Vietnam but the image almost matched.

It's crazy having not just dreams, but full on visual imagery come true. There's no doubt that my life is an absolute gift.

I love moments like this, and yet the parts that make me the happiest are some of the simplest- a good God, a loving wife, a fluffy Beignet. It's all good.

Happy Thanksgiving from Southeast Asia.

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