Obviously, I love travel and other cultures. It’s kind of how I ended up doing what I do. Deanna’s interest in it is a lot less than my own, and when it comes to work, being a social worker is a pretty location-dependent kinda gig. It’s probably one of our bigger differences.

Sometimes it seems like the easier thing would be for one of us to totally give up our path, but in the long run, that’s not what’s best for us as a people or as a unit. This difference is wired into our own purpose.

When you're with someone, learning to appreciate your differences and make them work out while sharing a life is probably one of the more challenging things. But it's a process, and if you're willing to put in the work while being patient, there's a lot of reward. 

It’s still challenging, but, we’ve gotten a lot better at making it work over time. Between clarifying expectations, defining our priorities as a unit, and genuinely wanting what’s best for each other, every episode of travel reveals a little bit more about what works and what doesn’t work. And over 2.5 years, I can confidently say that our ability to communicate and problem-solve has gotten better and better.

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