#32 Super Bowl Bingo XLIX

01 February 2015 // Springfield, Oregon

No 12th man mention, surprisingly. I’m not a Seahawks fan, but that was a pretty tough loss to watch knowing that Seahawks fans exist.

#33 MIUSA Internship

02 February 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Day one. Looks like this should be fun.

#34 Thrive

03 February 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Finished this book recently and its content was pretty relevant to a conversation I had last night about when working crosses the line from being fulfilling, productive, and good for us to being life draining. Huffington redefines success along the lines of wonder, wisdom, and well being.

#35 Muddy Waters Bar

04 February 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Papa’s Soul Food is steadily becoming one of my favorite restaurants in town. A Wednesday night’s as good a night as any for some catfish and fried okra.

#36 Long Week

05 February 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

After a really long and unusually busy week, it was great to spend the evening doing absolutely nothing.

#37 Dan Daly

06 February 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

My friend Dan has a new book out! Go on to AmazonSmile and check out “When Waters Whisper”

#38 The Prayer Hut

07 February 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Found a renewal center and called ahead if they would have space for a last minute visitor. They welcomed me to use the prayer hut- name being as self explanatory as it gets.

Sometime while I was in there, I was led to reading through a community journal kept inside. This small hut has seen some deeply intimate moments- struggling addicts, kids being thankful for the outdoors, parents worried about kids and siblings, pastors about their flock, mourners grieving, spouses trapped in abusive situations, survivors stepping into new beginnings, witnesses of miraculous healings.

I don’t know why I was so led towards the prayers of others from this same space, but I think it may have been for perspective’s sake. Being a tree in a story about a forest.

#39 Dinner at Kristin’s

08 February 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Went over for a GCF Leaders Dinner at Kristin’s place on Sunday night– fun space and a good conversation with everybody else there.

#40 A Country At War With Itself

09 February 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

A provoking read I recently went through as prep work for my thesis. Missing the kids I know who are affected by the violent environment in South Africa and hoping that I get to see them soon.

#41 Library Stairs

10 February 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

For a grad student, I surprisingly don’t spend very much time in the library at all. Killed some time there in between things just to make up for that missing experience.

#42 Like Kids on Christmas

11 February 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

While Deanna was back in California for her bridal shower, a bunch of her gifts were mailed to my house. We spent this morning being kids on Christmas.

#43 Green Fin

12 February 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Found some wine we like. This plus some Cutthroat Kitchen makes weeknights a little bit more fun.

#43 Green Fin.jpg

#44 Mall Date

13 February 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

Reliving that teenage life with the essential mall date. Still waiting for mom to pick us up.

#45 Valentining

14 February 2014 // Eugene, Oregon

I did quite enjoy my valentine this year. I think I’ll have her be my valentine for the rest of our lives. Can’t go wrong with that.

#47 Yoga on the Butte.jpg

#46 Blood Bus

15 February 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

I’ve always wanted to donate- finally crossed that off my list at church and used it as my excuse to eat good meals and take naps the rest of the day.

#47 Yoga on the Butte

16 February 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

We’ve been getting a lot of sun lately, thus Deanna comes up with the brilliant idea to start our Presidents Day with Yoga atop Skinners Butte. My fiancee is a good ideas machine.

#48 Sun Sneaks In

17 February 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

My friend Derrick told me after I moved to Oregon to anticipate a week in February where sudden the gray skies go blue and the sun comes out and winter seems over. It isn’t, really, but the week is amazing.

I think this has been that week.

#49 Global Globes

18 February 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Did some lurking around for wedding related items. Ended up knocking out a few big pieces of the planning process.

#50 Bright Campus

19 February 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Been such a great and sunny week. I forgot my bike lock and had to go back and forth between my house twice, and didn’t mind one bit.

#51 Scramble for Little Rock

20 February 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Never has Arkansas been such a hot commodity. Fun Ticket to Ride night with Deanna and Rob.

#52 Powell’s on Burnside

21 February 2015 // Portland, Oregon

Took a sweet day trip up to Portland, pretty much for fun. Got to get Deanna’s ring fixed, spend time lurking in Powell’s, eat at food carts, go thrifting, and hang with Kathleen and friends. Gotta love Portland.

#53 Roast

22 February 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Discovered a new favorite location around town to use as a workspace and meetup venue. Coffee Plant Roasters isn’t too far away from my house, but it’s well-designed on the inside and it’s the perfect spot to kill hours getting work done over some good coffee.

#54 Monday Night Piano

23 February 2015 // Springfield, Oregon

After group, Deanna stayed a bit for some piano jams with Alyssa. Just a little precursor to the Queen Latifah movie marathon.

#55 Light My Fire

24 February 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Protip to all the guys out there in a relationship with somebody awesome- sometimes when she asks what your favorite stereotypically male present would be, it’s because she’s gonna get it for you! I said a good knife or a good fire starter, and there she goes getting those two things in one.

#56 Alton Brown Live

25 February 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Had a blast making good on my Valentine’s Day present to Deanna and going to see Alton Brown Live. Amazing show. For how many odd skills and abilities Alton Brown has, his live tour is the best outlet I’ve seen for it yet. My favorite portion of the evening? When he used massive theatre lights to create a Mega-EZ-Bake Oven and bake a pizza.

#57 Asian Supermarket

26 February 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

I love Asian Supermarkets and all the fun things I can make using ingredients I can’t get anywhere else. I finally went to Eugene’s Sunrise Market and their selection was very much a pleasant discovery.

#58 Worry

27 February 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Went on a lovely, rainy walk with Deanna around the Water Trail through Maurie Jacobs– this is one of my favorite landmarks along the walk. I love how many spots there are for fantastic walks around Eugene, given its size.

#59 Seared Snapper

28 February 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Had a fun night of cooking and eating with our friends Rob and Marie. We wanted to cook a cuisine none of us were experienced in, so Rob picked up a Latin American cookbook. We had pan-Caribbean seared snapper, and on the side, some Ecuadorian llapingachos.

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