#1 Ducks Game at the Lodge.jpg

#1 Ducks Game at the Lodge

01 January 2015 // Grants Pass, Oregon

This year has started brilliantly on two accounts. First off, the Ducks dominated their game against Florida State, which was a joy to watch. Second, because I got to enjoy watching the game and celebrating the New Year from the comfort of the Cascade Lodge above Grants Pass thanks to an invite from Cheri. Such a cozy, relaxing space and a great way to spend the beginning of what looks like a promising year.

#2 Intergalactic Snow Tubing

02 January 2015 // Diamond Lake, Oregon

In the evening, we took a drive out to Diamond Lake for “Intergalactic Snow Tubing.” The snow was pretty good, and tubing was fun. The light show was amusingly cheap, and we got s’mores and hot cocoa with the package.

#3 Llama

03 January 2015 // Grants Pass, Oregon

After returning from the lake fairly late at night, we slept in and spent the day relaxing at the Lodge. A good amount of time playing pool, chatting by the pipe-stove fireplace, and taking it easy. And we got to hang out with some of my favorite animals, llamas. This one walked right onto the mound in front of the lake to strike a pose for me unprompted. Love these guys.

#4 Brand New Space

04 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Spent my first full day of the year in Eugene– a quiet Sunday, where I did a bit of work and relaxed. It was a slow year, and both the year and life in Eugene feel very open and spacious, ready to be filled with things, hopefully good things. I’m eager to get some projects off the ground, but also trying to stay grounded and present

#5 Physical Education

05 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Winter quarter begins, and I’m enjoying my classes thus far, especially my fundraising for nonprofits course. Love that it meets in this quirky, lopsided building that looks like a transplant from a 1980’s high school.

#6 The Gym: Redux

06 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

I walked into the gym today, a familiar building, but walking in this time felt like walking through a portal. They remodeled it, and it was quite a dramatic remodel. Now we all look the part of one of the most intense athletic schools.

#7 The Fog

07 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Eugene has been fog-heavy this week, doing a great San Francisco impression. We’ve had all kinds of weather this week, except for the usual rain. This fog looks pretty sweet.

#8 Swim Before Class

08 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Now that the gym has been remodeled, I can do things like go swim a few laps before class and get in a good workout. Of course there are also options to bond with people in the hot tub or play pickup games of water volleyball.

#9 House Hunting with Dee

09 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Deanna and I got to do something really fun today– hunt for houses. While the complex we looked at had some nice spots and a great location, it looked like none of the units they had available were within our range. Still, getting to hunt for a house and imagining our lives on the other side of June is so exciting.

#10 Fun With Fermentation

10 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

I took Deanna to a little event I discovered, called “Fun With Fermentation”– a fundraiser event for the Willamette Valley Food Center. There were demonstrations of rye, ale, and miso, a bier garden, and all kinds of samples to taste.

#11 Thurston Hills

11 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Had an absolute blast hiking in the morning with Deanna — Finding the trailhead took a lot of work, keeping track of our turns took a lot of work, finding barely visible paths took a lot of work, and climbing up muddy slopes with a thin rope took a lot of work. This moment was reward.

#12 Consolation Pint

12 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Legitimately, Ohio State played a really good game, and I knew we weren't gonna have an easy time after the way they handled Bama. Congrats to the season-long underestimated Buckeyes. We can only assume the Ducks were saving their championship title for next year when the wife and I have season tix.

#13 A Path Appears

13 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

First read of 2015 and I've already lost track of all the people I've recommended this to— especially people in the nonprofit industry, people who want to get in the habit of donating wisely, or socially focused leaders and entrepreneurs. Few journalists leverage their trade and craft for good at the level Nicholas Kristoff does. So many good examples of creating hope and opportunity unpacked.

#14 Save the Dates

14 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Put our first batch of these in the mail today after spending the weekend writing them with Deanna Love the way they turned out. Couldn't decide on a final design, so we went with four.

#15 Student Union Seats

15 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

First time doing this since coming to UO’s campus– just passing time at the student union at a large window.

#16 King Estate

16 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Deanna and I want to keep the habit of getting each other more experiences rather than things for Christmas. It took us a while but Christmas 2014 finally took effect with this weekend's wine tasting adventure. Such a delicious time.

#17 Jerky

17 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Fun weekend project– turned my oven into a dehydrator and made my own beef jerky. Quite pleased with how this actually turned out. Homemade jerky tastes much more like meat.

#18 Two Trees at Alton

18 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Went on a neat little walk around Alton Baker after church and enjoyed a sweet conversation. I really like these moments.

#19 MLK Hike to Spencer’s Butte

19 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

It was MLK Day. It was also unusually sunny in Eugene, so me and apparently half the town all got the same idea– to hike up to the top of Spencer’s Butte. Great day.

#20 Midweek Latte

20 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Mixing up the Midweek– on a Tuesday night Deanna and I went out to Townshends to drink some tea lattes. Good stuff, but they need to hurry up and restock on their black cap latte.

#21 Mezza Luna

21 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Had to run in here and grab a quick slice of pizza for some nourishment before an interview at a nonprofit across the street. Pretty good by-the-slice.

#22 Fox Hollow Road

22 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

The drive out to Pam’s where I’ll be house sitting this weekend. Winding road, wild turkeys and deer, and a view above the typical Eugene fog. This is gonna be good.

#23 Selah

23 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Being a giant schnauzer means you can be a lady and still grow a thick, strong mustache.

#24 Jeremy & Karlye

24 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

So much fun getting a visit from these two in Oregon. It’s been a long time coming but I’m glad they’ve made it up here– and on a perfect weekend, too.

#25 Fox Hollow

25 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

One more day of housesitting for Pam, which I wouldn’t mind doing quite a bit when it means waking up to this view.

#26 Jeremy in Portland.jpg

#26 Jeremy in Portland

26 January 2015 // Portland, Oregon

Ran up to Portland for overnight while Deanna was there on business to show Jeremy and Karlye around the city for a little bit.

#27 Sweet Life with Jeremy & Karlye

27 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Just sent Jeremy and Karlye off on their way back to California this afternoon. Having them up for the weekend was a real treat. Old friends visiting you in a new home is the best.

#28 From Book to Life

28 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Today's meeting felt too good to be true—

This book is a favorite of mine. It's a memoir of an adventurer who volunteers at an orphanage in Nepal. He soon learns that the kids were trafficked and that they aren't really orphans, and seeks to reunite them with their families.

A month ago, I did some research on the organization birthed out of the story and was pretty surprised to find them based in Eugene.

Today I met with their executive director (previously known to me as a character in a book) and we talked about collaborating on next steps for the organization since a lot of the support from the book cycle begins to fade as it ages. We'll be meeting and collaborating regularly.

Somehow one of my favorite books I read over two years ago is now morphing into actual life. What is this. Apparently books are good for you and stuff.

#29 On The Mic

29 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

This microphone is an indicator that good things are a brewin’ between Chris and myself.

#30 Hendricks Hangout

30 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Deanna and I found a new spot and a little bit of sunlight where we could enjoy ourselves.

#31 The Pisgah Hike

31 January 2015 // Eugene, Oregon

Deanna and I found a new hiking trail and it was a great one. We hiked for probably three hours and enjoyed a nice little hangout and picnic on the summit, above the grey skies and in the sun. We’ll be back here, I’m sure.

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