Grassroots Launch Party

193 Launch Party.JPG

Over the weekend, Plant With Purpose threw a sweet little launch party at You Belong Here to celebrate the Grassroots Podcast. St. Archer’s donated beer, listeners came in from as far as LA, and I got to do my thing and talk about climate change concerns, the intersection of faith, and storytelling.

It’s a critical moment for the world, which is why I believe in this show. I believe that well told stories from often overlooked places can change everything. I’m thankful to have so much support while at it.

And on that note, when you wake up, there will probably be a fresh new episode in your podcast feed. I get to talk to the authors of one of the most eye opening books I’ve read this year, and you get to wake up to that! Assuming you’re subscribed. You are subscribed, right?

Philippe Lazaro