I Love Mango

230 Two to Mango.jpeg

I share this hot content today for one reason and one reason only:

To express my appreciation and gratitude for mangoes.


San Diego mango lovers, you’re gonna want to save this post.

Coffee and Tea Collective has been doing a trio of really good mango drinks all summer. And I was happy that when I went in last week that summer menu was still going.

Deanna and I also recently discovered the blessing that is MNGO cafe on Convoy and I want to try the entire menu.

Also, I’ve heard very good things about Meet Fresh and their patbingsu so that’s next on the agenda.


PS - there is no mango emoji and I can’t believe I keep having to use a red backpack pretending that it’s a backpack full of mangoes. People just don’t get it so easily.

PSS - when there is a mango emoji someday, I really hope it features a criss-cross sliced, inside out mango, than just the whole fruit. So much more visually exciting!

Philippe Lazaro