One Year From Now

Here’s to the things we hear in the trenches.


We’re coming up on the one year anniversary of one of the hardest times in my life.

In October/November of last year, right around November, things felt completely stuck. We were beginning to think we might not be able to have kids. Deanna started getting pretty sick. I had a planned trip fall apart. We ran into a chain reaction of one complicated thing after another.


Gabby Bernstein once said, “We can accept that even the tough moments are divine lessons that guide us back to love.”

021 Tahoe Vista.JPG

That sounded great, but things felt too foggy for divine lessons. I felt too frustrated to pray. Venting was more of an accurate picture. I heard one thing in reply, something too good and specific that I wanted to dismiss it as my mind playing tricks.

“In one year, you will see how good I am.”

Like I said, weird. Overly specific. Too good to be true. But also just enough to make me curious about the future.

The reason I get so excited about using any creative tool to excavate hope in hard places is because I’ve had that to me a number of times.

Baby is due 11/7 but most likely, we’ll meet in a month.

Philippe Lazaro