Inspiring Empathy

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How to use human empathy to communicate solutions to global problems:

🌄 Help people picture the problem. Use vivid imagery to transport people to garment factories, exploited forests, schools in impoverished communities, etc. Some sights may be familiar to you, but they can be a totally new world to whoever you’re talking to.

⏳Add some urgency. Make it clear why a solution can’t wait.

👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 Humanize. Use an individual’s story to shine light on the global problem. (And of course, do this ethically!)

👓 Appeal to people’s values and sense of identity.

The more you understand how people process information, the more effective you’ll be at moving people. When I say creating change takes creativity, this is just a smidge of what I’m talking about.

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Philippe Lazaro