On to ATL


Happy to share that I’ll be in Atlanta for a hot minute this week! I won’t be there that long- tomorrow until Friday, but I’m excited to be back.

Once again, I’ll be going for #plywoodpresents, which ended up being a lot of fun last year. And I’m pretty thrilled to see Father Greg Boyle on the speaker lineup for Plywood People along with a bunch of others.

Last year, I was caught off guard with how much I loved Atlanta. I mean, I’m a Phillies fan who hates being too hot and has mostly lived by mountains or the ocean. But- Atlanta is so full of fun and creative people it didn’t take too long for the city to win me over. Also, OutKast helped a little.

ATL friends, I’d love to find some time to connect during this quick little jaunt!

Philippe Lazaro