Traveler's Mindfulness

043 Golden Gate.JPG

I’ve had this really bad habit when it comes to travel— it’s hard for me to visit a place without suddenly daydreaming about my next trip, and the one after that. It’s like one small taste of somewhere new will open up all the floodgates of daydreams about all the other places.

I’ll make it to Tennessee and then I’ll start imagining myself getting off a plane in Europe. I’ll be in Italy wondering when I’ll make it to Africa next. Then I’ll start thinking about maybe going on a similar trip, but somewhere more accessible so I can invite friends.

I hated the fact that I did this, because I wanted to be a better job of being present wherever I was. Always longing for what’s next is a good way to never enjoy what’s in front of you.

I started taking a page from the mindfulness playbook. I’ve stopped feeling bad about an enthusiastic brain so easily tickled by curiosity and adventure. I’ve also learned to just let the wanderlust dreams go.

It’s like when you’re meditating and they say if you have any outside thoughts or distractions, don’t feel guilty, just acknowledge them and let them go. I’ve started doing this with wanderlust.

I fully accept that I have a huge appetite to see places. When I find myself in one new place longing for another, I acknowledge that and let it go. Sometimes I’ll even open the note on my phone that has all my future trip ideas, add the new ideas, and put it away as a way of literally keeping those dreams in my back pocket- available to reopen at a better time.

Anybody else with this kind of habit about travel or anything else?

Philippe Lazaro